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    What’s your all-time favorite animal/pet film? I remember various films with apes (usually as a partner to a detective) and quite a few films about horses who could talk but can’t remember their names. I have to say my all-time fave is The Incredible Journey – I still almost cry whenever I think of the ending!



    I love both the born free films! I actually watched the one with the gorilla before the lion one, and also liked the walking with lions follow on they made. I agree with you the incredible journey is brilliant and a real tear jerker, I love them all.
    One of my favs is Spirit, it might seem a bit rubbish in comparison but I still really like it, and Brother Bear… But I like films like that.



    i like racig stripes and spirit



    I love Babe!



    Right now, I like the cartoon movie Bolt. But also like the movie "Cats and Dogs".



    oh, where to start? Seabiscuit tops the list. Born Free has been a favourite since I first saw it in the 60s. and The Incredible Journey is one my own dogs love to watch. and, although I’ve only seen it once, I loved The Horse Whisperer. I also have March of the Penguins.
    I don’t know if it qualifies as an "animal" movie, (maybe kind of) but Evan Almighty is just hilarious.
    I was really looking forward to Marley and me, until I found out who the human stars were in it. I don’t like either one.



    I read the book a while back and really enjoyed it, I just couldnt put it down so as soon as I heard the film was coming out I just had to go see it.
    I also thought that the human actors would drag it down a bit but they were brilliant and pulled it off very well, however with all book-based-films the film wasn’t anywhere as good as the book.



    101 Dalmatians
    Stuart Little



    I love Jock of the bushveld and homeward bound

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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