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    Hello one of my dogs (Sunshine) absolutely loves maple syrup! I feed him about a bottle of Aunt Jemima per day (sometimes I splurge for the expesive stuff too!).
    So what’s the problem you ask? Well Sunshine (or Sunny as we call him) gets very hyper and pants a lot. Also, I have noticed irregular urination eg. Sunny goes a lot, sometimes in the house etc.
    Any thoughts or advice are much appreciated!



    umm hmmm stop giving him so much maple syrup? because im pretty darn sure dogs weren’t created to eat maple syrup out of trees in the wild (i guess it could happen)
    with frequent urination in the house, his diet could have offset the chemical balance in his urine causing crystals to form, if it continues WITHOUT the maple syrup i would definately take him to the vet and get it checked out, it could save a lot of stains!
    not to mention the teeth! pricey pricey to get those fixed up



    "umm hmmm stop giving him so much maple syrup? because im pretty darn sure dogs weren’t created to eat maple syrup out of trees in the wild (i guess it could happen)"
    But wait a minute, we humans can eat pretty much anything, so why not our dogs? AFterall, street dogs eat garbage, I’m not feeding Sunshine garbage. But I thank you for your quick response and appreciate your concern.
    I think what I might try is cut the syrup with water and/or buy real maple syrup. I think it’s the corn starch in the Aunt Jemima that’s making Sunny crazy.
    I just don’t have the heart to take his syrup away! He loves it so much.



    Wow- I am no expert but I am positive an expert would tell you that giving a dog a bottle of syrup a day is highly dangerous. I mean come on- you say dogs in the wild eat trash? So do homeless people – it doesn’t mean it is healthy!!! It is all they have! They get sick and die! Would you let your child eat a bottle of syrup everyday if he wanted it? Of course not! Humans do not eat anything, and no one eating that much sugar everyday would not be healthy. Sorry if this comes across as rude but I am having trouble believing this.



    i would take yuor dog to the vet and have a urinalysis done to make nothing is going on giving a dog that much suger is dangerous and could very well be throwing things off in his system he is not the one that decides what he gets you are of course he likes it doesn’t mean he should get it all the time if you are going to continue giving it i would cut back the amount as well as how often you give it



    You may have given your dog ketoacidosis onset by diabetes. Aunt Jemima brand syrup is not maple syrup, it is corn syrup. Straight up sugar. You need to take your dog to the vet immediately.
    Don’t ever give any canine sugary foods in excess like that, you moron. They’re not humans. You give a human a bottle of corn syrup a day, they’re bound to develop diabetes and gain a ton of weight.



    Hi Emmasmith as long as it not to much and you are just giving the exact dose everyday then it’s a no problem.

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