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    I have a 9 mo. old Golden Lab. boy named Reno. He’s 85 labs. and very strong! He’s an absolute doll and is pretty well behaved for the most part. He was quickly potty trained and has learned other basic commands well.
    My problem is that during the day while we’re working, he’s kenneled with our older Choc. Lab. boy, Bo. His kennel is a large area, about the size of a small backyard. There’s plenty of room for them to play.
    If I get home from work before my husband, I let them out of the kennel 1st thing.
    Reno gets so excited, he jumps up on me and tries to bite my hand. I’ve tried to correct this behavior by making him sit (trying to) or throwing the ball to get him away from me so I can get into the house quicker. He stops the jumping as soon as we get into the house. He doesn’t do this to my husband, so I’m sure it’s a behavior that he’s doing to me because I haven’t disciplined him correctly in the past.
    Any suggestions on how I can get him to stop jumping up and trying to bite my hand?

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    Part of the reason your dog is doing is because he is happy to see you however i think he considers you under him in the pack. You defiently need to assert yourself you are on the right track getting him to sit if you can do this consistanly that can help getting him to settle down I would also turn away when he jumps on you don’t say anything don’t look at him until he stops you can acknowlenge him then if he bites your hands say "ouch" like it really hurts even thoughs times when it doesn’t this will teach him not to bite down so hard and eventully should stop the biting if it is really bad you can set him up spray bitter apple on your hands when he bites he should not like the taste and that should detur him from biting If you are not the one that feeds him start doing that and make him wait at door let you and your hubby go threw first I hope this helps and good luck



    Thank you for the suggestions….I really like the idea of the bitter apple spray to deter him from biting my hand. The jumping up has gotten so bad that I have an old robe that I put on when I let the dogs in, that way I stay somewhat clean! I will still try to have him sit when he comes out but he’s so excited and strong that’s sometimes hard to do. I agree, he feels that I may be part of HIS pack, not a leader. My husband does do most of the feeding and that could explain why he doesn’t do that to him.
    Do you think that my continuing to train him to do the basic commands like sit, retrive, drop the ball, will help establish my dominance? He really responds well to me in the respect. I must have done something okay there because he learned very quickly.
    Thank you again…..much appreciated!!

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