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    I was told that if the roof of a dogs mouth is black then it will be aggressive when it is older. I just wanted to know if it is true or not??? Someone very close to me told me that and my puppy whom is only 10 weeks old has a black patch on the roof of his mouth. Please help…Concerned Dog Owner



    Dont believe it. Dogs are not born aggressive, dont get me wrong there are somethings that can make them a bit more forceful but all this can be changed with the right owner. As for the black roof of the mouth nahh, aint got owt to do with it, my mutt has a mainly black mouth and hes extreamly soft with people and a bit soft in the head! lol
    On the serious said if your worried about your pup becoming agressive then take him to a puppy socailisation group where he can learn how to be a nice gental pup, might be a good idea anyway, I know its something that my lad could have done with but he was too big by the time we got his health sorted so he could go (after been a rescue dog)



    Yeah that’s a myth, like people with red hair are the devil or something. It just means that he has a certain breed somewhere in his genetic makeup.
    The best thing you can do to prevent aggression in a dog is early neutering and proper socialization and obedience training (once vaccines are completed of course).
    Take your dog to obedience classes and practive them a lot at home. Knowing tricks and getting praise will boost your dog’s confidence. Making him obedient to your commands will also designate you as the alpha, and he will be less likely threatened by other dogs or strangers in his life.
    NEVER hit or spank a dog. This sends the wrong message about the level of violence which is acceptable. A stern NO is sufficient, and be sure to give love and praise after a couple minutes, once the dog has forgotten about the bad behavior.
    Take him to dog parks and around people frequently at a young age (once vaccines are completed) to make him used to other animals and people and to be adaptable and friendly. Get him plenty of exercise, it makes them happier and calmer.
    Get him neutered ideally at 4 months old, before he becomes sexually mature at about 6 months old. This will reduce aggressive and territorial behaviors as an adult, before the sex hormones fully develop.

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