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    Hi, I’m Elisabeth with Spoiled Ratten Rattery, a hobby breeder in Kansas City, Missouri. We (my son, David, and I) breed fancy rats for temperament and health (pet, show and breeder-no feeders) and have been at it for almost four years. Pups are socialized from birth. We specialize in blues (American and Russian), Siamese and mink-related colors, in rex and standard-coat and dumbo and standard-ear, though other types are available. Recently, I have been working with another breeder, Landmark Rattery, to produce the North American Rat Registry (NARR- ) which went online in November of 2002. It’s been a hit, and we’ve made many new friends in the process. Aside from the ratties, I enjoy our dogs, cats, goldfish and gardening. I work full-time, so these hobbies pretty much take up all of my "free time." I look forward to meeting everyone! Elisabeth Spoiled Ratten Rattery



    Hi , I never knew that rats "purred" when happy . I’m not really a rat fan myself , but some years ago found myself with a white rat named Razor ( owned by a friend’s son ) crawling all over me . He wasn’t making any sound , but I could feel his whole body vibrating . I’m sure he was purring like a cat . Sadly Razor died in a house fire , but his short life was very happy . I’m sure all of your wiskered crew are equally happy . 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)



    Hi, I don’t have a rat, but my 30 year old daughter does. I don’t know what kind of rat he is, he’s white with grey around his neck, sort of like a scarf 🙂 His name is Houdini and he’s sooo sweet! He lives in a large ferret cage, has a hammock,a special kind of running wheel,climbing things and lots of toys–talk about spoiled! He has a little harness & leash and he loves to ride in the car 🙂 I have two cats and when daughter & Houdini come to visit–the cats are afraid of him and run!! Houdini is almost 3 years old now and gives my daughter much love and fun. trish

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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