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    An update regarding the following message I posted about three weeks ago. (Three months ago my two year old male cat’s stomach, face, paws & back legs swelled up to twice normal size. He was very poorly & not eating, just drinking lots of water. He slept all day & wouldn’t let anyone touch him. We took him to the vets & after doing blood tests, X-rays etc. they didn’t know what was wrong with him. After a week or so he picked up & was soon back to normal. This has now happened again, has anyone heard of anything like this before & can help in any way) I have since had my cat back to the vets but they still don?t know what?s wrong with him, except that tests have shown there is no protein in his blood. As he is still not eating properly, I have had a thought. The vet says his gums don?t look too healthy & I wondered if this could prevent him from eating properly & account for the lack of protein in his blood. Does anyone know if this could cause him to swell up & retain fluid in his body? I would be very grateful for any advice whatsoever. Many thanks

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