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    You are not the only zoo owner believe me I have one to. 4 cats Raz, Taz, Al ,& Leo/ 2 dogs Balla & Bitty/ 2 Bearded Dragons Draeco & Lana/ 1 Rabbit Bunbun/ 1 African Ringneck Parakeet RELIC! and Low and behold a tank full of tropical fish. And as am I, I know you all wouldn’t be happy without your personal zoos!



    Oh no I am such a dunz I forgot one of my babies my husband brought home a baby snapping turtle last night from a job sight. He was afaid it was going to get smashed. his name is hoodeanie



    I have 15 pets: 4 Dogs ( Sparky, Pillow, Nova and Tricksy) 3 Cats ( Cougar, Blue and Baby) 3 Guinea Pigs 9 PheeBee, Simba and Spike) and 5 Rabbits ( Mia, Oreo, Reddick, Holly and BunBun. The humans in my home are 5 adults and to youngsters so its a full house.



    We have 2 dogs, Stella(Akita mix) & Cody(Husky/Malamute mix), 3 cats, Evil(flame point exotic LH), Annie (dilute tabby calico SH), & Midnight (smoky black LH), 2 rats, Rita & Rosie, 9 guppies, an algae eater named Spike, & one remaining goldfish (our big mama guppy killed the others) named Speedy.



    I have 4 dogs (Bandit: Min Pin; Kodi: Schipperke; Oliver: Shih Tzu; Nanabear: Australian Shep. Mix; 2 cats: Gizmo and Yoda; and a Pied Peachface Lovebird: Zoey) And they are all so special! They range in age from 7 mo. (lovebird) to 16 1/2 (cat) What a zoo!! :0)



    1cat 1 kitten 3 rats 2 mice and 1 rabbit and getting ready to pick up my 3rd kitten



    1, now, our cat, Bear. But, in the past, we’ve had two other cats, Joseph and Emma (twins who couldn’t live without each other, so we had to give them away), a few fish, and we’ve each had a few other pets as well.



    Hi everyone,
    I own two lovely dogs and they are my favorite people (animals) in the world!



    i have 4 cats, 1 hamster a budgie and 5 fish



    I have 3 cats, Jeter,buddy, and scout. 2 dogs, charlie(beagle) and Misha ( german shepard) 2 CAG’s millie, teddy, and 2 Lories lori and sprite.

    im glad I’m not the only one that charges admission to enter thier house.



    I have 7 bunnies and hopefully a dozen more if my french lop is pregnant, 3 guinea pigs i have lost 2 others in 6 weeks, 3 hamsters, a cat and about 70 fish mainly guppies



    I have 2 cats (Mr. Bigglesworth and Lucky); 1 hamster (Pepper); and lots of fish (goldfish, neons, tetras, sucker fish, etc., etc.). We are thinking about getting a rabbit for our daughter. We’ll probably wait until after we move into a bigger house. Any suggestions on the best type of rabbit to raise and care for? I’ve heard that they can be trained to use a litter box. Is this true??



    I only have two hamsters *sigh* but they’re very adorable, they’re black-and-white.



    We have three cats… Annabelle and Isabelle, who are sisters. Then we have an older black cat named Neo. I am desperately wanting to get a dog, but am holding off until we can get a safe and proper fenced area for it to be able to run and play 🙂



    just like too add that i have just got a puppy and her is 16 weeek’s old, her name is lucy.

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