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    Well, in the house I have 3 rats Aurora (f) Dozer (f) Godiva (dumbo f) 1 chinchilla Inca (f?) 1 rabbit Angus (m) 1 ferret Lancelot 2 turtles Dale Jose’ 1 Bird Uno (blue&gold macaw m) 2 dogs Timber (merle sheltie m) Morrigan (merle great dane f) 1 wolf Lord Thunder (north american grey m) 2 cats Bomber Raja Uno and Lord Thunder are public relations animals for the endangered animal sanctuary that I work for. They love to go places and meet new people. If you want to see what other animals I play with check out our website Oh! Here soon we are getting 2 pet skunks and a baby cappuchin monkey to help Uno and Thunder!



    2 german shepherds, 1 cat, 1 bird, and a horse.



    4 dogs and 20 cats. I’ve had as many as 33 but I started doing this 17 years ago and some are waiting for me in Heaven. (I miss every single one of them).




    These are the pets that me and my family own 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 tortoise, 8 hairless guinea pigs, 4 rabbits, 15 guinea pigs, 4 cockatiels, 1 chinchilla, 1canary, 2 finches, fish, snapping turtle, 1 gmr, 2 budgies, 1 hamster, 2 rats, 1 scorpian, 1 snake, 1 bearded dragon, 2 anole lizards, 1 frog and 1 newt



    i hav 2 dogs (penny n mel) a cat (bart) 3 rabbits (bob honey and angel) a guineapig (erny) and a fish named fred

    although at 1 time i hav had 27 rabbits 20 fish 2 budgies a dog a cat a hamster

    and i also have a few dozen tadpoles in the garden
    and im only 13 but hav BIG plans on living in the countryside with many many more animals



    I have 1 cat-bonita and 1 horse-Patch



    At the moment we have one 10 year old cat named "Kitty".He is a wonderful cat and he is just like a baby to us. We also had a beautiful maltese dog named "Puppy" but she passed away 3 years ago. We still miss her very much.



    woah! i only have two cats. they are twins and theyre names are tigger and sylvester!



    I have 2 Whippets called Max and Paddy
    1 Rabbit called Monty
    2 Gerbils called Holly and Ivy
    3 guinea pigs called Alfie Moon, Twinkle and Cookie
    I am getting a horse called Solo
    I used to have 12 animals
    My mum when she was little had 7 dogs and 5 cats probably more too!!!


    I have 3 dogs Sasha, 4 year old labX, Sunny, 7 year old cor/ pom/ poo , and Scooter, Poo/Shih/collie and 5 cats, Cassie, Cookie, Cheeko, Zoey and B.B and 1 pig, Stella, 2 year old, and 2 horses, Pepsi, 9 year old quarter horse and Babe, a 14 year old Arabian.



    I have one female (spayed), American Eskimo Dog (Standard) – Frosty, one male Syrian Hamster – Carmel, and one male Ball Python – Rocky. Though I will be getting a male German Shepherd next summer, that will be named Shadow.




    ive got 2 dogs neo n elsa, 3 cats bubs casper n jake and about 40 fish 4 now.



    wel my name is jordaen and have 4 horses 2 rabbits 3 toads a fish and 2 dogs ! my horseback teacher has 9 dogs 6 horses and 2 cats!!



    wel my name is jordaen and have 4 horses 2 rabbits 3 toads a fish and 2 dogs ! my horseback teacher has 9 dogs 6 horses and 2 cats!!



    I have one gerbil and 3 female rats,but in the past my house was zoo as i use too have 9 snakes,5 rats,5 hamsters,dogs and cats,one parrot,rabbits, thats about it. so i know what you mean.

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