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    hi i have 17 persian cats
    no,i am not a hoarder or one of those irresponsible breeders-though i do breed each queen once per comment though is that no-i dont OWN my animals,they are my "kids",and you don’t own your children.more ,i am their guardian and look after their every need-but never do i own them -.i also dont sell my kittens-its called adoption fee.
    i have sought out also unique and meaningful names for them.the boys are: maurice (after maurice chevallier,the french singer),shooshoo,picasso(Painter),ramesses(egyptian pharao),karisma,xerxes (king of persia)and coney(since he had a little bump on his head when he was born ,making his hair stand up like the cone heads)
    my girls:princess(she has a 5 generation champion bloodline and acts the part),Aida(opera from verdi)
    Mogli(from the djungle book,i first thought she was a boy ,but kept the name)lana(short for svetlana,a nice russian name)niobe (greek goddess,who lost her 12 children because of bragging)leto(greek goddess,whose son and daughter killed niobe’s 12 children)nefer(egyptian =beautiful),larissa,phoebe

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    We have 2 dogs – Stella (Akita mix) & Cody (husky/malamute mix), 3 cats – Evil (flame point exotic LH), Annie (dilute calico tabby SH), & Midnight (giant black fuzzball…I honestly think he still outweighs our baby…and she’s 18mo old…LOL), 2 guinea pigs – Luna (albino Abyssinian mix) & Mimi (red/white broken color American), 2 birds – Bitty (English house sparrow) & Kiki (parakeet), and 3 degu sisters- Ivy, Ceri, & Matalina. Plus we have my SIL living with us at the moment and she has a cat named Cleo & a new cocker spaniel named Lukie. So we have a bit of a small zoo. 🙂



    all the animals i have had in my live is 2 cats 3 dogs 3 snakes 1 lizard 24 fish



    I have 2 Wolf Wybrids, 1 Lynx Point Balinese cat, 1 Female Eclectus Parrot, 1 Columbian Tegu, and 1 Bearded Dragon.



    In my family, we have 4 dogs (Sandy,Maggie,Noah,Belle), one cat (Julie), 3 birds (Dido, Sweet pea, and petey), around 15 chickens, 4 tutrles, and one sulcata tortoise (sylvia). It gets pretty crazy at times…



    I own 7 chickens which are on loan to someone else as we are tied up right now for time.
    I keep 1 rat at home that lives in my jumpers most of the time where she likes to sleep. Her sister got put down earlier this year.
    I also work with 10 horses, ranging from young racing thoroughbreds, event veterans and dressage schoolmasters to showjumping connemaras, cheeky dales and stunning welsh section As+Bs.



    We’ve lost a few from Old Age but up to date now we have: 3 dogs, Patches, Misty & Sammy, (Sally crossed Rainbow Bridge Sept.2nd) 2 Bengal Cats, Ginger & Willy (Lost China 18yrs Dec.24,2008 and Sophie 18yrs. 2007), 3 Cockatiels, Barbie, Sidney and Emmy, 1 Parakeet, Petey, 1 Rabbit, B.B., 1 Chicken, Pippin (Merry Passed away at 5yrs old)
    I’ve Rescued 4 Farm Pigs in which 1 lived at our house for 3 1/2 months. Our dog Patches Mothered the Injured Piglet Boo Boo and taught him to use the doggie door.Prior to that I taught him to use the potty box. Boo also use to sleep with my daughter in bed.
    Boo Boo the Pig is a wonderful story I’d like to tell sometime on how we rescued him and 3 other pigs & got them to a Pig Sanctuary in Ohio where they lived out their lives in a Safe Home.



    I have 2 cats. One was a foundling and the other I recently got from a local shelter.
    The marketing company I work for recently started a campaign to revamp the image of the shelter pet and I decided to adopt.
    The campaign (composed of a partnersip between the Humane Society, Maddie’s Fund, and the Ad Council)is designed to give shelter pets an image makeover, letting the 17 million people who plan on getting a new pet this year know that shelters are the first and best place to find animal companions.
    You can check out the PSA’s that have been created for the campaign on Youtube, one called PSA White collar and the other one Ditched.
    I used the ‘Pet Personals’ website to find a local shelter for our new cat neko, pretty good site.



    i have 2 dogs, 3 horses(one is pregnant), 30 chickens, 3 rabbits, 1 bird, 2 guinea pigs, and koy fish.



    i have have just one bunny named gizmo but maybe for christmas i’ll get a a little rother mini lop but before gizmo i used to have three dogs, 2 cats, 4 ferrets, 6 rabbits, 5 birds, a few fish, and a couple of horses that was when i lived in the country with my parents but those animals were mine now they belong to them since i moved to my own place and decided to start fresh and thats when i bought my lil gizmo whom i love to death

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    We have 4 cats. Diego, Scrappy Doo, Scooby Doo, Tux. 3 Dogs, Aragon, Mandy, and Vader. 1 rabbit, Casper, and 1 snake, Lucy.



    Well, I don’t have as many as I did since I moved. But right now I have 2 gerbils, a ferret and a rabbit. But along with my roommates they have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 rats. A little bit of a zoo lol.



    I have 3 dogs and 4 cats~~~ BTW, I just found a iPhone application called "PetFriend." Very useful app for pet owners, especially if you have many animals. Check it out!



    I have 3 dogs Patches 15 yr (Akita/Samoyed), Misty 14 yr (Akita/German Shepherd), Sammy 8 yr (Chow). 2 Bengal Cats: Willy & Ginger 5 yrs. 4 Birds: Barbie, Sidney, Emma & Petey. 1 Bunny, B.B. who was found in a Costco parking lot. and 1 chicken 5 yrs. Pippin.
    Our Sally dog passed Sept. 2nd 2009 who was at least 14 years old. We got her from a rescue.
    Pet Artist

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    Hi. I have akc golden due to deliver any day, akc rotty, 2 cows due to calve, 2 bunnies, due to deliver, 17 buff hens, 1 buff rooster, 10 pair of fancy banties. Everything is wanting to reproduce for some odd reason. 1 turtle, Lisa, 1 goldfish, Fred. Someplace in this crazy place there is a husband. A Very understanding Husband.

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