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    At the present time, I am without pets. It was good to read about others that have multiple pets, brings back fond memories.
    I have had many pets at one time or another. The largest collection was about 80 rats, 10 girbals, I don’t know how many mice, and a Redtail Boa. The rats, gerbals, and mice started out as food supply but I get attached too easy. I had to resort to buying already killed for my food sorce. The rodent population got out of hand when my son came to live with me. He could not remember what cage he took the animals out of. This is not good with rodents, they have a tendency to multiply fast.
    Most were eventually given to good homes and good pet shops but I kept 6 of the original rats. they were my favorites and were along in age. Like all rats in captivity, if they live long enough, they die of cancer. All 6 were showing signs, so I decided to keep them and give them the love and attention they wanted and deserved.
    Ok, I know I went over board with my story but I get that way sometimes. I have had well over 100 pets at one time.



    I am very loyal to my one and only 8yr old Balinese cat named Ebony.



    I have one lab/boxer mix(Haly) two cockateils, brother and sister that belong to my brother(they don’t have names because my brother neglets them) a golden gecko(amber) and soon a crested gecko and maybe if I can persude my parents I might adopt a guinea pig.



    I have a Dog named Champ, Cockatoo named Baby.
    I use to have 8-10 fish.
    2 cats with there big litter lol.



    Hello All– I am the proud owner of three beautiful Pit bulls. My now adult children brought all three dogs home and the rest is history!!! They are now my babies!! Sisqo, a 9 year old Staffordshire Pit bull, is my 98 pound gentle giant. He prefers to lounge in his bed or in his lounge chair that sits next to the pool. Sheeba, my 7 year old red nose Pit bull, is my little miracle lady!! My son rescued her from a horrible situation when she was a mere 6 weeks old. She quickly became my best friend!! So, if two Pit bulls weren’t enough my kids brought home a third little angel!! My sweet Sugar is a white red nose Pit bull who just turned 4 in October,09. She smiles, howls with excitement and absolutely adores my 80 year old mother!! Oh, how I wish I could engulf my entire home with dogs!! But until I win the lottery I think my three best friends who have four legs will do the trick!!!



    I have 4 cats at the moment. One on purpose, FRED. Three rescues, Lucky, Emmy and Rings.

    Click on any picture to see full size:



    Hey with dog food going up your wallet is suffering, not anymore with dog food coupons. by the way i have 3 pets one dog, cat and chinchilla



    I have a 3 year-old bagle hound (beagle/basset) named Nimh and a 1 y/o blue beta female fish named Eve.



    hi I love animals and I think its awsome you have so many animals I have 3 pets I have one blind dog her name is buttons and another dog named cody he is soooooooo sweet he will lay in my lap for hours and lic me and lic me he is the cutest dog and last but not least dolly shes my laid back cat



    I own 1 rabbit, 1 dog and a cat.



    oh just my dog oreo!



    3 dogs-Sam a Golden Retriever, 2 Siberian Huskies named Judah and Jada. all registered.
    10 cats Baby,Tina,Bob,Leo,Coon,Smokey,Angel,Prissy, Sassy, and George. lol lots of cats, which is my least favorite animal! lol. sad, huh?
    8 horses-Dolly(Apha sorrel/white), Braveheart(Bay arabian), Little Bit(black Mustang/Arabian), Glory( white Arabian), Big Red(sorrel QH) Slick Guy (Just a HUGE sorrel crossbreed), Midget(roan arabian stud), Patches(sorrel/white paint)
    1 Mule whose name is Tiger! (:
    lol. Just a total of 22.



    I have 2 dogs, Megan a field spaniel and she will be 2yrs 21st this month and Lucy is a springer spaniel cross golden retriever and she will be 3yrs 15th this august



    I own a cat (Snuggles), a dog (Stanley), two leopard geckos (Milo & Madison), their hatchlings, and a gerbil (Waffles).



    I have 3 dogs:
    Jackson- beautiful, intelligent German Shepherd
    Shortdog- old man of the pack, clever dachshund
    Snoopy- rescued, sensitive Cattle dog mix.
    and I might be adopting a bunny or guinea pig soon!

    Click on any picture to see full size:

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