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    I have a question(s) to all of this drama about Melony and how she ripped people off…. Who in their right mind orders a live animal over the internet??? I mean, seriously , A live animal that is going to be a part of your family for years and years, especially an exotic, why would you not find a local breeder so you can personally visit the facility, see the parents, interact with your new baby(s) and make an educated decision based on visual confirmation. And if you couldn’t find local, then take a trip to where there is one. Anyone can say anything in emails, on the phone or on a website . I could be a 50 year old man , or a 18 year old lesbian for all you all know. You people take someones word for it and then get all pissed when you get screwed over… gee big surprise !! You all think that everyone on the internet or has a business website is whole heartily sincere and honest?? What rock did you all climb out from under?? I don’t mean to discredit what has been done, but really, you all set yourselves up for it and have to blame someone else for your poor decision. Maybe she did screw a bunch of people out of money, shame on her, but you all let her by sending money to a complete stranger and trusting that she was honest, shame on you…..

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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