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    Oh my gosh!!! That is really scary. How is Star?


    I know, I hope he gets better.


    Well, on a different note, there is this girl at the farm that owns this horse named Edmund. We think she is going to try to get into the Olympics. Anyway, her horse strated to colic, and since she just moved here, she didn’t know here to go to ge to an Equine Hospital. Luckily, someone at the farm could help her. I haven’t heard any news since then. :-


    Thats awful!!!! It soundsa like this book I read once…. How sad!! :'( :'(


    Are you still reading them…. well i guess you are, since the one with the guy and the show jumping horse was like book #10 or something, which just came out a few months ago or so. I just read the 13th(or was it 14th) one.


    You couldn’t of got them ages ago, because the lat few came out only a month or 2 ago.





    I love horses. hope more people post replies on this subject. hope you have lots of horses. bye



    hi i love horses 2…Alot!!they are so0o0 cool.i recently got my first horse.Shes really nice.Were berely going 2 move her 2 a boarding stable this friday.here is a pic of her

    Click on any picture to see full size:



    hores are awesome i want one so bad



    Hey where is everyone? My gelding who came from the track is still flattening his ears when I enter his stall. Not sure why, but think it’s because when they went into his stall at the track with brushes or tacking up…they tacked up and brushed off dirt in his stall and weren’t very nice about it you know they are always very hurried at the track. So when I go in with a brush or whatever, he thinks I am going to kill him or eat him. He is very willing to come out of his stall and otherwise is very nice.
    Now I am going in his stall very quietly and slowly and rub his shoulder with no brush in sight. I am spending time just standing with him and letting him know I pose no threat to him.
    Otherwise we are great buddies. He is very willing under saddle and a great guy. I spend lots of time on the ground with him too. Grazing and leading and just hanging out together. We will get over this if I keep working on it slowly.
    Any advice? Thanks in advance.



    OK here I am!
    Interesting little prob while riding my 10 yo Morgan cross mare: going along fine at a walk & then she will stop dead. Nothing is spooking her, she has decided she is done with the ride.
    She is also hard to turn if I want to go in one direction & she doesn’t. Eventually I win, but it’s a real struggle.
    Is it time to carry a crop? Glad she isn’t cantering when this happens, yikes! (she also won’t go beyond a walk, but can cut a rug in the pasture. Yep. Time to de-spoil the little gal)



    What’s the feeling of riding on the horse? I always have the impression that the horse will be soooooo tired if we sit on him and he has to run. Worst is when watching shows and i see that 2 people is on top of one horse. Cant imagine the weight the horse had to withstand. =( ..



    Sorry, everyone is on facebook.
    Let’s get something going here people.

Viewing 14 posts - 31 through 44 (of 44 total)

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