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    Anyone here?……………….. 🙁


    I’m bored, Anyone here?


    Are you on right now, if so, do you have AIM?


    :)………. :-/ Helloooooo :(………… :'(


    I know, not many people are here!! :(….spooky!!! Anyway, there’s not much to talk about, so if anyone has ANYTHING AT ALL to say JUST SAY IT!!!!!!! my birthday is comin up soon. Yeah!!!!


    Wow, when you canter wothout either stirrups or reins you must have a very good horse that knows where its going and won’t run into things by % " just so they can stop really fast and throw you off.


    i havn’t been on in weeks and i’ve just read what everybody has typed. to equinedreamer: i can walk, trot (sitting rising and bareback), canter (without stirrups, without reins or without either), gallop (but only without stirrups when i don’t mean to) and jump 8th hole on the wings. to whoever it was who mentioned ribbons: i don’t go to shows so i have never really competed for them. i have been to local shows a couple of times and got 1 1st, 1 2nd, 2 3rds, 3 6ths and a few others. what has everyone been up to during the summer?


    I wish I was allowed to do that!!! The instructor I have doesn’t allow me to do anything unless she or somone else of her choosing is at the barn. She acts like I’ve committed a crime if she finds out that I rode outside of the ring!!! But, She really isn’t meabn at all, just really strict about the horses!


    Sweet16- Just start talking bout somethin, and I’ll join in. Gypsy- If I ever rode a horse and closed my eyes, my instructor would go balistic!! The horse I am riding could possibly run into a jump or something, and it just wouldn’t be safe, as she would say.


    I only ever canter without either stirrups or reins in te school so that the pony can’t run away. And when there are other people around it is fun to close my eyes and spread out my arms. it feels like i’m flying. it’s really fun.


    I dunno… but I think you should spend some time with Star. Finish your chores as fast as possible(believe me, before I get to go to the farm I have to finish my chores too) and then head straight to the farm. I’m sure the owners of the farm won’t mind if you visit Star. Groom on him and tell him everything… I’m sure that will help.


    Wow, maybe something spooked him once and now he’s always scared, but to tell you the truth, I don’t really know. soooooooooo sorrrrrry!!!! Nina- I really love this qoute. "Animals are such agreeable friends-they ask no questions, they pass no criticism." -George Eliot


    I would never EVER tell my parents, friends, etc. the same stuff I have told some of the horses I have ridden.


    He should be fine there by himself. Does he have any friends? If you know the farm #, call them and have them put Starbucks otu in a field with his favorite buddy. He’ll love that!!!!!! Have fun with the other horses at your relatives house, and have lots of fun riding.


    Hey, Guess what? This girl called Nicola was riding a big black mare named Star. Star is really mean >:( and needs to be reschooled. Anyway, they were doing jumgs when suddenly Star’s knees buckled or something and she fell to the ground! landing on top of Nicola! 😮 she broke her collar bone and had a huge gash down her hips where her jodhpurs dug into her! She survived and now she is a bit better. It was scary!

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