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    I just got a ferret a couple of days ago. I would never get rid of her and am trying my hardest to get her potty trained (which is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be). She has this bad habit of chewing on her food bowl. I don’t want her to get a piece off and swallow it. It would kill her. If anyone has anything that will help me break her of this PLEASE let me know. I would hate to lose her.



    I don’t know alot about ferrets but like any other animal she needs disapline when she’s bad, you could try that on her, I know a woman would flick her ferrets nose when she bit. Good luck



    I had ferrets, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t understand discipline, except maybe in the case of biting. Do you have a large cage where she has room to play if you need to keep her caged? If so, I would start by keeping her locked in when you aren’t actively playing with her, until she gets used to the litter box THERE, then introduce her to your house, starting with the rooms where you will put litter boxes. Mine weren’t 100% litter trained outside of the cage, but they were pretty good once I stopped trying to make them use an area I chose and instead put the litter box in the corner where they were going anyway. The truth is, if you let your ferret roam free without any supervision, she will probably run away at some point, and may or may not make it back home okay — and also will eat, steal, and hide anything she can get her hands on — so I personally think it’s best for them to be locked up when you are away, anyway. As for chewing her food bowl… I don’t know how to make her stop chewing plastic, especially not plastic that tastes like food. Maybe you should get a ceramic bowl instead of plastic, which fits on the side of the cage in a little wire hoop. That might help. GOOD LUCK!!! =)



    I bought a ferret from a friend and it was pretty much potty trained I guess. Mine will go in any corner if it can’t make it but most of the time I keep plenty of little boxes for him. one in each bathroom and one in his cage. Mine likes to chew on his cage bars and I have found that a water bottle works best for steering him away from bad habits. You have to do just like any kid or dog. Do it over and over and over and over and she will get the hang of it. If she is still young then just make sure that you love her a lot. Use her name a lot and get her use to your voice. Then let her know by tone what she is doing wrong. I am not sure if they remember much but some simple commands at first will work.



    I have two ferrets that are completely litter trained. Try putting your ferret in the litter box when you see it backing up into a corner. After a few times she will start to get the idea. She will still have accidents for a while, but give her a treat when she does go in the litter box immediatly after she finishes. Also make sure her litter box has a highbck to it and if she always goes in one corner, but the litter box there. It may take a few weeks. One more thing, mine are picky sometimes and will not go in a particular litter box if it has more then a few trips to it already. They like it clean.

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