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    Hi. I’m Amanda. I’m 21. I’m from Michigan, about to move to Kentucky. I have a chihuahua/boston terrier that I own on my own, and then I care for several guinea pigs. My dog is pretty much my life, he’s so great. I just joined this site yesterday in search for some fire ants help, and found that I could help a couple people out with input also, so it all worked out in the end. I have a feeling I’ll be using this website very often, as I’m always looking to learn new things about animals, and through-out that lesson, I’m sure to find new questions.



    hi my names charlie only been on here once or twice got a 3 horses 2 foals and a horse. i dont know no 1 so if you wanna chat then heres my addie thnaks guys from charlie marmi pepper and darcey



    I just thought it would be nice to bring this discussion alive again as a way for newbies to introduce themselves without standing out too much 🙂



    Hi, I’m Lindsey
    I just joined today and I don’t really know how this works yet.
    but I’m introducing myself :]
    haha have a nice day.



    i’ve only been on a horse once, i look forward to riding again.



    I am from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. I have three dogs, a rabbit, bird and some fish. I only came across this site tonight and it is great reading all the posts here.



    Hi, you say you live in WI, but under your picture (blank) it says CA? Anyway, I used to own a hamster named Snickers, it’s a cute name. I had a lot of hamsters, they are so sweet. I’ve had eight hamsters total, four guinea pigs, five ferrets, a cat and a dog. Now I only have four rabbits. You can view their pics if you want. Enjoy the site, there’s lot of info you can read about! : )



    Hi, Jaime! Nice to meet you! I am a 51 year old Vet Tech student from Cleveland, OH. I live in an apt. so no dogs. My husband has emphysema so cats may be a problem. I have 3 Ring-necked Doves. Their names are Holly, Fruitcake, and Eggnog.
    Huggs to all animals and their mommies and daddies.



    Hi, I’m Elizabeth! I’m kind of a newbie, too. I’m 24 and live in south Georgia near the beach. I have the cutest dog in the world (see profile) as well as a beta fish. Message me if I can help with anything! 🙂



    Hi JAMIE ,
    My name is Linda . Firstly happy Saint Patricks day from Dublin Ireland .
    I am the proud owner of a new addition to our family . His name is buttons and he is a Border Collie . We got him from a farmer who didnt want him .
    I also have two cats an old girl called Lucky and a six month old kitten called Edward .
    I also have a goldfish called gutsy .
    I have had several hamsters over the years .They are a supper little pet but i hate the fact that their life is so short .
    My Email address is;



    Skeeter, an ancient Appy who hasn’t been ridden in two years, lives in my back yard. He stands around and eats all day. My 6 mo old puppy took a look at him wearing a fly mask and almost had a fit! Who knows, maybe it was because Skeeter looked as though he didn’t have any eyes.



    Hey my name is Alexis! I’m also new here! l0l! I have one dog named Dodger who is going to be five years old on october the 17th. He’s growing up! Also A cat named Socks..she’s precious!






    Hi I just became a member like 10 minutes ago. My name is Becky and I have 5 dogs and we live in Indiana. my email is
    nice to meet you



    Hi, I’m Lauren I live in Johannesburg South Africa.
    I have two beautiful Dogs Lilly and Rex.

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