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    Howdy! My name is Tia, im a senior in high school and an FFA member, I have a 5 yr old gelding, Blast, an APHA yearling, Conan, a jack russle terrier, Potato, a great dane,Chester, and a cocketiel,Grumpy.I play polocrosse on Blast. Conan is hopefully going to shock the show world once he’s old enough. Chester is a lap dog,(haha) and potato is my traveling buddy. And Grumpy, well his name says it all. Feel free to email, Happy Trails


    hi animalchick! it is so sad that you have no friends yet :'( but i can be your buddy! you say you have a puppy. what breed is he? i have a borzoi. her name is Tsara



    ;D Thats Great! Horses are wonderful, If you give them a chance they’ll be your best friend! 🙂 Happy Trails, Tia


    That’s cool. I’ve always wanted a horse, but we’re going to lease a Quarter Horse mare next month. Her name is Ruby and she’s sooooo beautiful!


    Hi, my name is Jamie and I live in Wisconsin. I own 2 hamsters (Snickers and Shivers) and one puppy (Winnie). I’ve been a member for a few days here, and yet I know no one. If you could introduce yourselves, that would be awesome! my aim is Kiwidropz my email is


    I’m Chelsea, live in virginia, am 13 years old, and OBSESS over horses!! I have 2 rats- Tipper and Smudge(boys), an 8 year old pitbull mix named Camo(boy), and an 8 month old puppy named Millie(girl). I work at a horse farm and have been ridin for 3 1/3 years.


    Well, since my neighbors own a stable, they let me ride a Quarter Horse/ Thoroughbred gelding named Butler for free if I clean up all the horses poop, give them food , etc. It’s really hard work but I’d do anything to ride Butler. This one girl boarding at the stable saw me doin’ the chores and laughed. The next day I was cleaning out Butler’s pen (I forgot the name of it. lol.) and I dumped the poop on her on purpose when she was walking by but acted like it was an accident.


    ;D That was pretty good!!!! 😉 You do the same thing I do. I muck out stalls&paddocks, clean out water troughs, feed the horses, etc. in order to get extra free rides at the farm, though I already take 1 lesson a week that I have to pay for. How old and tall is Butler? I ride a horse named Kyzer that is 24 years old!!!!! He’s 15hh, and even though he’s old, he can have as much energy as a 4 year old sometimes, especially at shows!!!!


    where i go riding you don’t get a particular horse but the choice of loads of different ones. Goldie is a 37 year old palomino pony. she is retired now but she was the first pony i rode at the stables. Douglas is a black horse. he used to be placid and the perfect beginner’s pony. but now he kicks and nips for treats. Inky is a former black horse. she is now grey. she is really bad tempered and nearly bit a huge chunk out of my leg one time! Tully is a smallish bay pony. she resently broke her cannon bonewhilst attemptng to kick another pony. we should be able to ride her again next year. Willow is a skewbald shetland pony. she is too small for us to ride but has the sweetest personality you could imagine. Noggin is a fjord horse. he is great if sometimes pushy. if he wants to go for an unplanned hack your going on an unplanned hack! Joe is a privately owned horse. we cant ride him in the school but his owner sometimes lets us ride him bareback to the field and turn him out. Smarty is a really fast and excitable pony. he does whatever you want him to except a few miles an hour faster! it is like riding a rocket powered pogo stick! Misty is a strange horse. sometimes she gallops off not caring about the rider on top and sometimes she goes so slowly you would be quicker riding a snail! Poppy is a very special horse. she has beautiful paces and a wonderful personality but she has a tendancy to spook. Hobo is the best gypsy vanner ever! he is comfortable, reliable, loyal, sweet, obedient, food orientaded and sooooo lovable! he is the best horse to ever walk the earth and i love him!


    Wow, there are alot of lesson horses!!! There are only two lesson horses at the farm I go to cause it’s more of a family farm. Kyzer is a 24 year old chestnut Thoroughbred Quarter Horse cross, though he’s mainy Qourter horse. He’s the one I usually ride. Although he’s old, he’s very kind and will do whatever you want him to, except when he’s in the field, then he’ll run away from you all day. Sammy is a 13 year old….. something bay pony. He’s really cute and the most loveable pony!! He has the cutest face. Qhen your riding him though, you feel like you just want to throw down your crop and spurs and just run away cause he’s just so slow!! Sammy and Kyzer are really the only one’s used for lesson’s, tohugh there is a bunch if othere horses at the farm: Doc a very curious horse who always bucks when he goes out into the field. Calina is a crazy pony who is completely wild and out of her mind anywhere!! Sugar is a nice horse that can’t really be ridden anymore because she has hoof problems. Her owner is soooo stupid cause eve though she only lives an hour away, she never comes to see her. Punk is a kinda lazy horse who goes super slow, but is very kind and he’ll let you pull him around wherever you want to. JD is my instructor’s horse anfd he’s super sensitive, but he’s pretty cute. Athena is my other assistant instructor’s horse who thinks everything is food. Statesman isa dressage horse. Then there’s Links-thoroughbred, Pete-hefty but small pony, Kharissa-cute little chestnut arab, and Jasmine- cute little 3 day eventer. lot’s of horsies!!


    Wow, soo kewl!!!!!


    we just got 2 new horses at our riding stables!:D they are called Milly and Dusty. Milly is skewbald and Dusty is dark bay. they are so cute!


    Have him feed him treats, groom him, give him bathes, and, maybe, let him sit on Dakota and get a feel for him. Have him interact with Dakota as much as possible to show him that Dakota is a good horse.


    I’m not even sure if I’ve ever seen a Lippizaner in real life…………….. 🙁


    at my riding stables we don’t have a lipizzaner. there is a lipizzaner x fjord mare named Vienna but that is it. you are so lucky!

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