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    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to help a friend find a new home for her Umbrella Cockatoo. She adopted Molly a few years ago, and loves her tremendously, however my friend is in her 70’s and is realizing that she cannot give Molly the attention that she needs. This is going to be very difficult for her but she wants to do what is best for Molly. I honestly do not know alot about molly other that she is in full feather, and very loving. The only bad habit i have heard about is the fact that she can break out of any lock put on her cage. We are in CT and will not ship.



    It’s so sad to hear about these situations. Molly and your friend have been such good companions throughout the years. I’m sure it is heartbreaking for your friend to send Molly away. However, your friend is looking out for Molly. Pets are a huge responsibility and need alot of attention. Hope the best for your friend and for Molly. Best of luck.



    i appreciate it. I know it is tremendously hard for her. She can bring her back to the rescue that she got her from but she is not to keen on that idea…and since i got one of my greys from teh same rescue and another grey from a different resuce, i was not thrilled with either. I would think that rescues and Foster homes should be the examples of how an animal should be taken care of but we have found it to be the opposite in both situations. We felt we were truly rescuing the birds even from the rescue.

    anyway. I know this is something she is thinking of seriously but i know it is really a hard decision for her.
    thanks for your kind words..



    ,I have 9 birds,oh they are really smart and they do cost alot to.Up here they are almost 2,000



    I wish I could help…I live in Arkansas, and have a parrot which I love, and I am trying to find an african grey…I wouln’t have a problem with a sweet cockatoo instead, but I live a wee bit far from you..good luck!!! And I hope you find a loving home for Molly.



    Hi,Iwas wondering if you are still looking for a home for Molly? I have 2 birds and would love to give Molly a home. We are 30 min. from Danbury. Please let me know . Thank You Patti



    I think that your friend is a really thoughtful women. Even though she loves her Cockatoo she wants what’s best for her. I hope they both feel better.



    Hello, I have a cockatoo also, he’s 11 yrs. and his name is Milo he is the love of my life!!! I have a friend looking for a cockatoo. She loves my baby and cannot wait to have her own. She has lots of time to spend with the bird and lots of love to give. Her only concern is that her son is 7 and she has to be sure the bird she takes home is friendly. My 2 & 3 year old play with Milo in his cage!!! If Molly is still looking for a good home I have one for her. We also live in Ct. and i’m sure my friend Tracey would love to have Molly’s present owner visit with Molly at any time!!! Thank you so much for your consideration. Please contact me if an adoption is possible!!! Thanks again, Jenna 203 410 6259



    Hello. If the U2 is still available I would be very interested. Not only do I have two parrots but I have expierence with Umbrella Cockatoos as well. I also have a support system in the event something should ever happen to me for my birds. I have three adult children who interact with my birds on a regular baisis as well as assist with cleaning and feeding of the birds. They know that should something ever happen to me that my oldest is responsibile for keeping and caring for my birds. I feed my birds a mixture of pellets, seeds, nuts intended for human consumption, cereals, and table food or what ever we eat. I know that Umbrella Cockatoos have a loud scream and can be very demanding. I also know that they give plenty of love and are a very charming friend to have. I also house my two birds in the main area of the house so that they are constantly around someone. My birds are never left unattended out side of their cages. I am not a breeder and not seeking any birds to sell. When we go on vacation a family member is always at home to care for my babies. My birds I have are a goffin cockatoo and a lilac crown amazon.

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