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    Hi I am Mike who owns Robbie welcome to the forum as for me i have retired 2 yrs ago due to ill health after working 40 yrs had many cats, found a 2 day old kitten on a the local rail way track and rescued it feeding her on dried lambs milk etc, had XYorkshire terrier who lived to the ripe old age of 19, Robbie is now the love of my life. and have many potos in web shots http://community.webshots.com/user/mcdavies



    Hi, I am Karen and I guess I could be called the moderator of this board. At least that’s what it says under my name! LOL ;D I have four dogs, five cats, to cavies (guinea pigs) and a rabbit plus multiple fish. I am not as active in showing my dogs as I used to be before moving to Virginia, starting a family and opening my own dog training business and dog safety progarm. But in the past I have handled dogs to obedience titles, agility titles (working on a second with my current Agility dog), a conformation title, CGC’s, TDIs and I am a CGC evaluator as well – but I offer my services to groups as fundraisers as opposed for my own personal gain. I have a background in breeding and 20 years in dog training, background in rescue, fostercare, related to a vet and two breeders and have a husband with a background in genetics and who works in reproductive medicine. you can see our crew at: http://www.WestWindDogTraining.com http://www.SafeKidsSafeDogs.com and though being totally revamped – http://www.WilloWispShelties.com and I am webmaster for the Blue Ridge Shetland Sheepdog Club – http://www.brssc.org and the United SS Association (totally revamping that site as well so it does not look so much like the BRSSC site…



    Hello…My sign-in name is Rosie. I am an "animal freak" and a "website freak". I have 5 dogs which is the limit in my area. My family says it’s a good thing that the city puts a limit on my pets, because I wouldn’t. Right now all of my dogs are mixed breeds: 9yr. old lab/retriever, 7 yr. old pure mutt, 5 yr. old hound/australian shep., 3yr. old beagel/spaniel, and 5 mos. old german shep./grt.pyranees. All except the lab/retriever are rescue animals that we have adopted. My fur girls and boys keep me busy, as well as my job as a teacher, and my hobby as a webmaster. Have have many websites, but my most current ones are http://rosie62103.expage.com which is all about our 5month old 50 lb. puppy and http://www.geocities.com/yourpetphotos which is a site where I post photos of other people’s pets on the web for free. That’s about all I can think of to introduce myself. Bye for now.

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