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    Did you have that rational when you had kids? I didn’t. I have 6 cats (all but one was rescued) and 1 dog. A Welsh Pembroke Corgi who is now about 14 years old. A husband I have had for over 18 years and 4 children. We do not have alot of money but we take care of our children and our pets. Poor people can be responsible too. All but one of our cats are fixed only because she is too young. She was rescued from a woodpile in the middle of nowhere. Another throw away. One day I hope to get a mostly white male English Bulldog. He will be spoiled too! Just because you don’t have alot of money does not mean you can’t take care of you and yours.



    you know, some people like my fiance and I are not exactly very well off but our dogs are very well taken care of. I have owned animals all my life. I don’t think your average dog needs a health program like humans do but if something did happen they would go to the vets. As long as the dog has all it’s shots, is well fed, well taken care of, gets the attention they deserve, and goes to the vets/gets medication when needed then they are in a good home. Now sometimes all of the above applies but if the owner doesn’t have $1000 or more to dish out in major medical needs they shouldnt be judged by that. Some people just can’t afford that. That is when you decide what is best for the dog and if the best for them would be to pay the outrageous bill then maybe they could give them up and find someone else that can pay the bill and give the dog a new and better home.
    you should not judge people that don’t have a sh*t ton of money to dish out for major medical needs. I know I don’t have that but my dogs are some of the happiest dogs you will meet.



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    what about love and companionship, why do we make such a big deal about money. Look at the wealthy, you know who I am referring to, cruelty in the most horrible way. Dog fighting, breaks my heart to even think about puppies being used as bait. I grew up in the country with all types of farm animals, dogs and cats. In those days the Vet would come to our place when needed for the large animals. Do they still do that today? Love your pet and take care of it as best as you can afford.



    in the same spirit of responsibility, should "poor" people have children? there are plenty of loving people who are "poor" who would bend over backwards to make due if a child or a pet got sick. i myself dont have much, but my dog will never want for the best food or the best medical care, no matter what, even if i have to get another job and sell everything i have damn it!lol but if a person doesnt have the money, then the dog will either get sick and die horribly, be euthanised or end up in a shelter where it may never get adopted and die lonely, abandoned by its family. too many dogs need homes to regulate the financial stability of adoptees, but then the poor dog risks a life of neglect. its not easy for a dog, and a poor family may at least give a dog a few years of love before their inability to care for it returns it to the pound or the streets.



    I agree that unless a person can afford to take care of a pet properly, they should not get one. I managed a shelter and so many innocent pets were brought to the shelter because the owner could not afford the vet bills. It was so sad. On the other hand, if you have had the pet for years and it gets sick, an owner needs to do all they can to get the money if an emergency arises and their income has changed drastically. It is then a part of the family.



    Until you wind up like my family. We are actually having quite a problem even though we are not "poor"
    I wouldnt wish this on anyone and until you know peoples circumstances you should not judge!



    I was in home health care for many years. I once had an elderly client that had a German Sheperd dog. The dog was her only family.She could have been better off financially with no animal to feed,medically care for or see to it’s care,but she loved the dog as a mother would love her child. She struggled every month to make ends meet. The "powers that be" tried to force her to give her dog up. It went to court. Thank God there are judges that have heart as well as common sense.He ruled that the dog was as necessary to the lady’s welfare as food was. It gave her purpose and provided love in her life.



    I believe a person must take into consideration their ability to properly care and that includes unexpecting vet bills beore choosing to bring a pet into their home. However, if later on one’s icome should decline, I do not expect the pet to be dumped at a shelter or elsewhere like unwanted baggage and if something expensive comes up, every effort must be made to take care of the problem. A pet is part of your family too. There are many places that will help people without means to pay a vet bill that will help them if they make under a certain amount of money. This pet has given you years of unconditional love andshuld be treated as such. People often just give up and do not want to spend money on their pet which I believe is just wrong, It never hurts to ask for help, especially when it is a beloved member of the family and please do not say oh, it is just a dog or cat or whatever. Take care of it as best as you can. I have a cat that lives indoors to avoid accidents and injuries, diseases, etc. and I would love to get a little dog but do not, because although at one time I could afford several dogs, I cannot do so any longer so I do not get a dog for this veey reason..that I realize that I cannot properly afford it. It is a shame as there are so many unwanted pets due to overpopulation caused by ignorant people who are backyard breeders, buy a pet from a pet store, thus supporting horrid, inhumane puppy mills and the most ignorant of all..they have not spayed or neutered their pet. There are free clinics and low cost spay clinics practically everywhere. As a former shelter manager and California State Humane Officer, it is the lame excuses that sicken me.."A female should have one litter before being spayed..please find a reputable vet that would consider uttering those words or this: "Neutering "changes" a male dog..es, it makes it a better pet and it will live longer. Vet bills? Often, considering forfeiting one of your electronic :toys" would help your faithful companion. I have every right to preach spay and neuter, because unlike you I had to do th "dirty work" of the ignorant and euthanize perfectly healthy, loving, playful, pets so please before you obtain a pet, be sure you can afford to have this done. It will save you other vet bills in the future.






    well i guess the best thing that they can do for those family who are in the lower classes is that try to choose another pet in which they don’t need to spend much every month or in the future for emergencies..
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    Agree with gonty. I have a friend who wasn’t that well in financial terms but he has a [url=http://www.trainpetdog.com/Bulldog/about-bulldog.html]english bulldog[/url] and doing his best to take care of him.
    But at some points, I consider that opinion too. You should know for yourself your limits in terms of financial stability. We never know when will emergency happens.



    I have managed a Humane Society Shelter and you would not believe the excuses for the people who drop off their own pets there. One of the best ones is the puppy grew too big and we can no longer afford it it! DUH? Since when was a lab or Ggerman Shepherd pup, etc. not going to grow big. So we get them when they are lanky and passed over. Another thing now..shelters are bursting at the seams due to the economy as people have been foreclosed on and can not keep their pets or have lost their jobs and can not afford it any more. Money has definitely become an issue today! They are being turned in double than just last year. It is critical that everyone spay and neuter. Speak up to those who do not and to backyard breeders. Help us keep the euthanasia rate down. Shelter workers hate it!!! Help people who are losing their pets to keep them!



    Here here Suebee54 i do agree! =)



    Well folks, this topic has taken us to 75 pages! Lots of great input and apparently the topic still is up for more discussion?? If so, we need to start a new thread with a similar title so that we can get input from new people and persons that do not want to come in at the end of 75 pages which takes forever anyway now. Anyone can start!! Go for it:)

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