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    They say dogs always look like their owners, or is it owners always look like their dogs? We all have our favorites, some of us like lap dogs we can carry around on our shoulders, others like the biggest there is. Whatever your favorite breed of dog, why not contribute to our lively discussion on why your particular favorite is best.



    Depends on who and how they are raised. All pups have the ability to be wonderful companions. 🙂 I’ve owned two danes (purebred), a german shepherd, two golden retr./yellow lab mixes, 5 chocolate lab/golden retr.s, a boxer, and I’m looking to get a rottie pup. All of my pups were loyal, sweet, and playful, etc. But they all had their own individual personality traits. Right now, Zeuss, my shepherd, is 3. Hes a big mush, but [i]HATES[/i] strangers and human males that aren’t in his family. But he absolutely [color=Red]adores[/color] Pearl, my golden/yellow lab. Shes 1 and is the most perfect, obedient, sweetest little thing I’ve ever owned. She mothers all of my other animals and litterally gives hugs. If a dog is loved, it will give love – unconditionally. They’re all great companions.



    Well for me it’s the gundogs,spaniels,pointers,setters !! I’m a sucker for those big old floppy ears!! I have an English springer spaniel and a weimaraner and they are lovely, However I’ve promised myself a dobermann later on !! I love them too !



    well ive owned staffy’s 3 females of them in my life and they are good family protecter, give lots of love. owned one german sheppard dog and did not like him at all he was quite mean….. ive now got a chocolate labrador and hes only a pup. and i think i would have lots of them if i could.



    yes ive heard that they are good dogs we were thinking of taking one in but was advised not to as i have cats… ??? glad youve given 2 babies a good home.


    I have two favourite types of dog. If I had to pick a pure breed, it would be an ex-racing greyhound, they are so loving and gentle, graceful, fun and there are so many in need of homes. :-[ But I’m a hypocrite as I dont have a grey any more (ours passed away in 2000), I now have two loopy lurchers, hence the username! Lurchers are a crossbreed between a greyhound or sighthound and another working breed (such as collie, or terrier). They’re used for hunting 🙁 in the UK and Ireland, and many end up abandonned. My two are both rescue dogs, one we’ve had for 2 years and the latest is a new lad, we’ve had him a fortnight 🙂 They’re fab dogs! ;D This is a great site for a brief description (it’s also a UK rescue for greys and lurchers, not my own link): Lisa xx



    do they, oh never mind…… shame though i think they probably say they dont advise cats just incase as they dont know what thye have been through and incase a dog would go for a cat and then its been taken back to the home or dumped again.! which some people may do… which isnt fair on either animal


    Not all lurchers or greyhounds are bad with cats, but many are. A lot of rescue centres who dont solely rescue greyhounds and lurchers dont chance cat-testing, which is a shame. There are specific grey/lurcher rescue groups (one of which I posted above) who do cat test, and sometimes cat friendlies come along 😉



    I have owned 2 Dobermans, 1 Toy Poodle and now I am owned by 1 Minature Pinscher. Minature Pinscher is a breed of its own, it is NOT a Mini Doberman Pinscher. Some of the colors to lead a lot of people to this wrong assumption. This breed was around a long time before the Doberman was. Anyway, this perky, bossy, mischievous, aka "The King of Toys" is the light of my life, she is my baby. She is unpapered, spayed and does the job of keeping me and hubby distracted from focusing on the negative things in life. Her name is Ginger. I think all breeds, pure and or mix, are great as long as they are loved and treated with respect.



    The breed that best suits the individual wanting a dog. What I think is the best may not be for everyone. What someone else thinks is the best may not be for me. 🙂 Personally I own two Shelties, an Aussie Shep/Newf cross and a Great Pyr.



    I love large breeds, especially the Bullmastiff for whome I adore. As an owner of one myself….you just can’t resist there cheekiness and loyalty and being a sensitive breed is not one that people would realise coming from a 9 stone speciman, but oh yes…they are very sensitive indeed! However before owning a Bullmastiff, they should be throughly researched as they are not suited to everyone, especially to the first dog owner. This breed is head strong and needs a handler who can cope with there strength…bought up properly, you will have a friend for life!



    Hell-o newbie here, signing at 1:22am AST. I am new to this site so I thought I would somewhat introduce myself. I Live in Fairbank, Alaska ?"where men are men and the Women Win the Iditarod" I use to have 2 dogs but one recently passed from cancer her name was Molly, she was a hybrid that I rescued from deathrow at the early age of 4 weeks. She was the most lovable, intelligent, fun and fascinating animal that I have ever encountered. She was so unique and spiritual in her ways. Everyone said she was my guardian angel sent here to watch over me and she did. When she passed the paper wrote and article about her – she touched many lives with her heart and she is missed by all. The title of the article was called" Molly the hybrid an angel in disguise" I will miss her always but my heart will always carry her smiles and love she gave me. Sorry I had to share her with you. Now my little romper stomper is Cinder (which is her call name) she is a salt&pepper Miniature Schnauzer and quite the little character. She is intelligent. loving, playful and heartwarming. She is 17 months old now and at 9 lbs and 12" tall she is a blast to be around. She is adventure streak in her and stands her ground ?with my neighbors pit bull crew. Sometimes I call her Xenia Princess Puppy Warrior.- Especially when she jumps out in front of me when she see the pit bulls coming our way. I never realized such a small dog had so much courage. So much more to tell but I don’t want to bore anyone so I will close for now. Best Breed Purebreed ? Is a Miniature Schnauzer ?because of their wonderfully surprising personality. Best Mixed would have to be Molly half chocolate lab and half black wolf. Denise ::) 🙂 I apologize for the length but I had to share the loves in my life, my dogs, because if it wasn’t for Molly heroic actions I wouldn’t be here to write all this. thanks


    i dragged my eyes through all 15 pages and no BORZOI or RHODESIAN RHIDGEBACK in the whole lot. rhodies can be a lot to handle and Molly was always pushing for dominence. tsara the borzoi on the other hand is a big softie. in my opinion borzoi are great family pets. she has some funny habits (i’ve never known a dog to "talk" to itself before) and sometimes she is a bit of a scaredy cat…..errrr dog. she is afraid of yellow signs, plastic bags, water (although not ditches), men black dogs, the list is endless. for me the best breed is a BORZOI!


    English Springer Spaniels o’ course! They have a great personality and are always cute and getting into things. They listen great, and are a good jogging partner.



    that was lovely what a clever dog im 15 and have to gsd and to rotties i dont think your mes was to long emma xxxxxxxxxxx

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