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    This is a discussion topic for the Ask the Experts Q&A linked below. Now we’ve seen what the experts think, what do you think? Does your dog watch your TV, or does it not even care it exists?



    I have two dogs a Golden Retreiver and a hound mutt. They only look at the TV when they hear sounds they like. They loved the movie "Winged Migration" with all the birds/ducks/geese & swan. Also my Golden will bark if somebody knocks on the door on tv. She also does this when some one is actually at the door. But I don’t really think they can see 2d images.

    My cats watch TV. No question. They also like to participate with the computer, 🙂



    Its the same with my dogs in that they respond to loud noises more than anything else and most of the time they ignore even that!



    I have a miniature pincher/poodle (if you can imagine that at all) She watches TV all the time. When she first started watching TV it was mostly just when she heard or saw animals. Although this was the most adorable thing to start with it is becoming a big issue. She wakes me in the middle of the night. I get up to let her outside (because, i’m thinking that?s what she wants) She goes and stands in front of the TV and wines until I turn it on. She comes in from outside and that?s the first place she goes. She doesn?t listen to me anymore, and she sometimes doesn?t want to even eat if I have the TV on. I have to turn it off to get her to even acknowledge my presence. She will sometimes even sit and stare at a blank screen for hours on end, or whine until I turn it on. She’s so cute but it’s becoming a concern. Have any suggestions? Does your dog do this? What do I do?

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    My dog barks and runs for the door when the door bell rings on TV. She also reacts to animal movements on tv, must be a visual instinct, and gets excited over certain animal sounds, such as barking and growling. But either than that, she’s not interested. Though did notice that she’s upstairs when I come home only if the TV is on upstairs, maybe she feels more comfortable, or something to that effect.



    Certainly. The Pekingese loves the TV…and for some reason..i do not know why…cartoons. The Labby/Springer obviously gets curious when she hear dogs.



    Absolutely my lab watched crufts yesterday and kept jumping at the telly when he saw a dog run past!



    Karma used to run into the room when she’d hear the dog whisperer… but she was more interested in the noise (other dogs) than the show its self. Boaz… he watches the TV like the RCA dogs; sitting with his head cocked to the side and his ears up. lol – I know he’s not actually watching the show, but the noise and movement does keep his attention for a while sometimes (depending on the show). He "loves" AFV. And we keep the tv on when we’re not home. (For those who think this doesn’t help with separation anxiety… it really does. Our dogs can be a bit destructive when they’re alone and it’s quiet in the house (Boaz tore the bottom out of his crate when it was quite), but leave the tv on and we come home to the house being in the same condition we left it in. 🙂



    My terrier cross loves watching TV, if she sees a dog on any programe, she goes right up to the screen and jumps on her back legs to get even closer – so i know she recognises it is a dog! Also, if there is anything on with very bright colours she loves it!



    Yes my dog watches. She is a 22 month rott and got started about a year ago. Whenever we come back into the house she runs into the TV room to see if its on.
    If it is on and i get between her and it she darts to one side or the other as if to be saying "get out of the way Im trying to watch this show"!
    She wants to see the animals mostly but lately has been glued to just about any show. Maybe shes waiting for the animals to come on or maybe she found all of it entertaining LOL.
    All I know is she is very happy to be watching. She even watches the news, Fox that is for you cnn’ers!
    The other night I fell asleep while her and I were watching Animal Planet. I fell asleep about midnight. I awoke at 3am to the tv still on an her sitting in the same spot still watching, no kidding…
    Gotta love it!



    My dogs have never shown any interest in the TV. However i was watchiing this movie in one of the scenes the guy was talking to his dog and the dog barks well both of my dogs who were laying in front of the tv jumps up barking and growling and start looking around the house for the ghost dog well i have tivo so i rewinded the scene and recorded it and every few months i play it to see if they still look for the mystery dog mean i know buts so funny and they still react to



    My dog Brandy is beginning to spend her life in front of the tube. She has gotten so into it if the tv is off she comes over and watches the mouse on my computer. She sees pictures on the computer, occastional a dog. When I am on petpeoplesplace she is glued to the computer and sits between it and the tv panning her head back and forth watching both, then begins panting. This is getting weird! She watched the news last night for over an hour before I turned it off. Shes watching animal planet right now…




    I think there is a better explanation given at hashout (link given below).

    It means to say that a dog’s brain is able to process what it sees at a much slower rate such that it sees only flickering images on the screen rather than seeing them in a continuous fashion as we see. That is why they seem to be less interested in the movements happening on the TV, except when they find some interesting images.



    My 13 yr old, female Standard American Eskimo doesn’t care for the TV, even if dogs bark or a door bell rings on the show. Neither have my past dogs either.



    When I first got my dog Tex, he was nine months old. he watched Tv alll the time. Usually what I saw him watching was that commercial for the toe nail fungus medicine. It was the one that the little fungus guy moves under the toe nail and invites his friends. He is four years old now and he dosen’t really watch TV any more. My dog Bert, however, does watch TV sometimes if their are bright colors and a lot of action. Although dogs see black and white I think he can see the screen better if the colors aren’t dark. On the other hand cats watch Tv all the time.

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