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    Does anyone have experience with dog sinus allergies or dog nasal congestion. I have a female Chow/ Sheppard mix, 6 yrs. old who developed bad congestion 9 or 10 months ago. She goes through coughing & hacking spells daily in an attempt to cough up mucus but usually none comes up.My vet. has checked her twice & done some basic tests. LSU’s Veterinary school examined her & did some tests which revealed nothing excet to say that it’s some type of allergy. The vet suggested treating it with benedryl but it only has a slight effect. Any help would be appreciated. Gary, Baton Rouge, LA



    I am having a similar problem with one of my goldens. He is miserable. Same story, vet says to give benedryl.
    We’re going to a new vet tomorrow for another opinion. If I learn something new, will add to forum.



    unfortunately most of the actually effective medications can only be used for a couple of days; and this isn’t solving the problem. As silly as it might sound, your dog may be more sensitive to dust and dog hair remnants in your home than you are… try being extra fastidious when doing the cleaning; and another tip is to put a whole bucket of water sat in the room where they sleep to help humidify the air – you’ll be amazed at how much evaporates in a warm room overnight. If you can keep those airways moist the mucus is more likely to come up easier. Also make sure he’s not getting any milk bi-products in his diet – this can really increase mucus production.



    Thanks for the info. Daphne,

    About my dog’s sinus congestion. I took her off milk products for 7 or 8 days. This didn’t appear to have any effect. Should I have tried this for a longer period of time before expecting results?

    Also, we’re in south Louisiana & our climate stays pretty damp most of the year. The dog came from the Houston, TX (also a damp climate) area 18 months ago & developed the sinus problem about 6 months later. How does the change in locality effet this condition?


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