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    This is a discussion topic for the Ask the Experts Q&A below. Does your dog keep running away, returning hours later dirty and smelly? Is fencing the yard the only solutions? Please add your experiences and opinions below.



    My dog does indeed disapear for hours at a time (he seems to be able to jump our fence no problem even though its about four times his height) but comes back clean and happy so I just let him be. He has his name and phone number on a tag and I havent received any complaints so just like to think that he is out having fun with some friends, or maybe a girlfriend…………. My neigbour has her dog on a pretty short chain in the garden which seems to keep him home but he doesnt look pleased.



    I’m worried about my miniature daschund puppy, Jasmine, from running out the front door and never to return. Luckily, when she runs out I manage to catch her and she tends to stay within the area of my house. I’ve gotten my other 2 dogs to stay put when the door is wide open by loudly saying "no" whenever they try to walk out. This always works well because dogs usually want to please their owner. Hopefully it’ll work for Jasmine!



    A good, solid fence and training for a decent recall under real life circumstances and not the standard sit-stay of many classes just in case the dog should et loose.

    Teaching a dog not to door dash when outside doors are opened.

    Addressing the physical and mental needs of the dog so he does not have too much energy and is less likely to seek outside means for entertainment because there is nothing stimulating in the yard to do.



    I have a border collie that is approx. 9 months old. We live in the country so there are no fences to keep her in. We recently went on vacation and returned to find our dog was staying at the neighbors house. I sortof expected it because the neighbor had asked if the dog could stay if it followed her home. I said that would be fine because I have had a lot of border collies and have never had one to "follow a neighbor home" and stay there. We have been home for a little over a week and our dog has suddenly started running off to the neighbors house. She is not left home alone. I am here everyday. I have also discovered that the neighbors are feeding her. I have asked them to quit. Now, my question is how do I get my dog to stay home? We go get her, bring her home and chain her up. As soon as we release her and get out of sight she goes right back down there. I refuse to own a dog that will not stay home and I paid way too much for her to give her away. She does not come home on her own. We always have to go get her. So how do I keep her home?
    Thank you in advance.



    Country or not, no dog should be outside loose. They are a pain to neighbors & in danger of being hit by cars & causing serious car accidents. They bite people & attack other animals. Who was tending the dog while you were on vacation? Is this a working dog? Trust me there is no such thing as a boundry trained dog. While some may seem reliable most of the time, I can’t begin to tell you the amount of people I took lost reports from whos dog "never left the yard before" but is now gone. Sorry but the dog should be in the house & outside only when supervised & on a leash with a person. Obviously that is how the majority of people feel – thus – Animal Control laws



    1. the only neighbors we have are the ones that cared for her while we were away on vacation. Where she keeps going. They live before our house.
    2. We live in the country…nowhere near the highway and we are lucky if we see one car a day go by.
    2 1/2. We live in the country where there are no animal control laws. Thus, they are free to roam. I would not have a dog if it had to remain tied up all its life. To me that seems cruel. Border Collies aren’t house dogs either.
    3. She is a border collie. She is not aggressive. She doesn’t bite, or attack anyone. Thats why we have a border colllie. I was attacked when I was small. I will not own a aggressive dog.
    4. She is a working dog.

    She goes down there and stays even when there is noone outside or even home. She just started doing this yesterday. We have been home for over a week.
    My kids are gone for the week, but I am here everyday. She leaves whether I’m here or not.
    I don’t have a problem with her going down to "visit" the neighbors. I have the problem with her not coming home. Me having to go get her.



    BC’s are extremely intelligent dogs that need to be kept busy. If she is a working dog what is she working? You said you have no fences so I presume you have no livestock for her to care for & herd.

    It is just plain irresponsible for anyone to allow their pets to run loose & while there may not be specific local laws, many states have laws pertaining to dogs at large.



    I just wanted to say that when I was on vacation in the mountains the neighbors dog(a golden) would show up bright and early in the morning and during the late afternoon as well(the owners would bring her in before it got dark). I knew it was the neighbors because she had I.D. tags so I checked to make sure it wasn’t a lost pup. Anyway, the neighbors came over to make sure thats where she went, and once they new that she was coming over everyday they did no care. I stayed at this particular cabin on and off for about ten years. Every year this golden Molly would show up on the deck when she saw I had come on vacation. Because everyone in the area new each others pets no one was concerned for their safety(also there was no main road near us). I understand no dog should just run loose, but this neighborhood was a team. And this particular dog was the neighborhood pup. I will admit i let her in the cabin a few times( actually she helped herself in), but she was a great dog to have around .Sadly she died from old age two years ago….I found out on vacation when I realized she had not visited me yet. I just feel in some situations a roaming dog does not spell this case it was very safe for molly to roam aas she stayed only between my house and theirs..either way, things happen and you can’t always control fate…..this dog lived to be 14…pretty good age for a roaming dog that I met 10 years earlier.



    Yes, for a very few dogs in particular situations it may be relatively safe. However as with everything else the laws have to be made for EVERONE.

    So would you advocate that everyone should let their dogs run? Would create lots of problems – to say nothing of all the dogs that are stolen daily by bunchers to sell to research or to be sold or used as pit bull bait.

    I see it for the overall good of the dogs & the people – I don’t care about the one or two exceptions or the person who thinks it is CRUEL to keep a dog home.

    When the pit bull down the road eats the yorkie next door – is that ok too? When the rottweiller next door mauls the kid down the street – is that ok?



    Thats just common sense though. Those people should know better then to let their dogs roam….You are right though, there has to be rules for everyone……but for those kind of people I have no idea what to say to them….they should know their dogs temperment, and their potential. I have seen dogs maul and fight/bite each other in a dog park where its "safe" to take the leash would think people would know whether their dog has the potential to attack or hurt someone. In those areas it is suppose to be meant to let dogs roam off leash..however, there are still those idiots(not directed towards anyone) who think their wild attack dog can roam free as well…..There is a difference to let a sweet family dog, who has never bitten or would even think of hurting someone roam to the neighbors to have a barbeque with them, compared to a pit bull who was taught to be vicious(by the way I know not all pit bulls are mean) loose to roam around…..some things are just peoples common sense…which doesn’t always seem the strongest.



    hi there yes my dog does run away for hours, we have a six foot fence and she seem to head but it and makes a big hole so she can runn away i know where she goes which is good but the rest off the people around here said that they are getting fed up with her messing up there gardens so how can i stop this from happening….



    Your dog should never be outside unsupervised. IF you are out there with her it is doubtful she will escape. If she still manages to get out then take her out on a leash. For the person who said they live in the country & therefore have NO laws – often there are STATE laws so it would’nt matter if there are local laws or not.



    I would like to reply to the person that has her collie in the country. You are not alone. We have 22 acres and 2 goldens that I’m having trouble keeping home from the neighbors too. I am with you that dogs shouldn’t be penned or on leashes all day – what would the point be in having a dog? I find the person replying to you about laws and leashes and fences to be very very rude – I searched the internet on how to keep my dog home and it took me to this discussion forum – that’s how I found this site. At least we care to keep our dogs home and are looking for advice. That person doesn’t have any advice and any good decent caring person would have talked to you rather than scolded you. I’m assuming this person didn’t affect you in any way shape or form (I hope not) and if you learn of any great advice, please share – as for me, I’ll continue to look for positive advice. Good Luck!



    The best advice I can give…keep your dog happy, healthy and busy at home and most of them will stay at home. Yes I have had a dog get away from the house while I was at work…and she was missing for 2 months..I got her back and she has never left since. However, my neighbors have a pit bull who constanly runs away…to roll in the goose poop ( I guess she likes the small ) and then righ to my house. The reason…she know here that she gets full meals, she hss toys and tennis balls, her own crate with bed and blankie, she goes for walk and is allowed to sleep on the cough with me. I guess she just likes it here better. By the way…there is a Pit Bull video I want to post for all those out here who may not understand the breed but I need to get permission first…however it is posted on my web pages

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