At what age do Rabbits start mating.becoming fertile?

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    Hi Rachel, I’m not very experienced in this area but my 3 lops didn’t breed until they were around 8 months. Although they may have tried before then! According to my local (large chain) pet shop, rabbits are classed as adult at 16 weeks. However this was the same pet shop that claimed my bunnies were all over 8 weeks old ( the vet said definately not) and that they were all female…erm no! I have a book that says females can be bred as early as 5 months although 8 months is preferable. Anyway good luck and don’t give them a lot of greens while they’re still very young. ;D



    Hiya Fellow Rabbit Lovers, I have just bought two mini-lop bunnies, they are 9 weeks old, and they are so amazing. We are planning on breeding them, and I was just wondering if anyone knew the EARLIEST a bunny can get pregnant? I have read on lots of sites, that its about 12 weeks, but I just wondered if anyone knew of a rabbit getting pregnant earlier than that? She is not showing any signs or anything, I just wondered!! Love, Rachel x x x x x



    6 weeks is abit young. I do not even wean my babies till 6 weeks. I would say 3 months. Depending on the breed DO NOT breed them before 6 months . The larger breeds even older.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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