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    My dog is a 5 year old pug who has been through hell and back. It started out with seizures and then after getting a spinal tap, was given the diagnosis of encephalitis (not the fatal kind). He was put on steroids and seizure meds and was able to come home. We went back for a check up and to possibly change his steroids because he didn’t seem to have any energy. The neurologist switched him to prednisone and we once again took him home. Now after about 2 weeks, we noticed that his back leg had what looked like muscle spasms. The next morning, the twitching in the muscle moved to his neck and legs and we opted to bring him into the emergency vets. We then had to take him back to the neurologist because his "spasms" became full body tremors. The vet there called it a herniated or injured disc on the spot and put him on pain meds and kept him overnight. Now when we picked him up the next morning, he had a wheezing fit in the waiting room and the vet said to just keep him cool and calm. When we got him home however, his breathing was not normal. He was breathing very deeply and in little breaths. We took him to the emergency vet again and he was put into an oxygen tank for a couple days. While he was in there, they took a chest X Ray and seen that his trachea was narrowing. We were grasping at straws and were on the verge of putting him to sleep but we went and spent some time with him and he seemed to be his normal Cleatus self. We took him home and that brings us to today. He’s been doing great so far with his restrictions and meds. He seems to be back to himself. Tonight though, he has been having a couple of coughing and wheezing fits. From research, I’ve ruled it out to be from his trachea. My question is, since he likes to eat grass, could the grass have irritated his trachea thus prompting the fits? I hope to god he isn’t going backwards health wise…

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