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    I have a 8 month pure breed GSD. I have hardly heard him bark at anyone or anything in the house over the months. Since last 2 days when we turn on the downlights in our lounge or talk in our lounge, within 1-2 mintues he starts to bark and growl and jump at the down lights. If we turn off the lights or if there is pin drop silence, after few minutes he is back to normal. We have checked the roof and cannot see or hear any rodents in the roof, although it’s difficult to check as we have insulation in the roof. However we have kept rat baits in the roof. We are worried as our little pooch seems very stressed in the house if down lights are on. Can there be any rodents in the roof that we cannot hear from within the house and gets activated when the downlights are turned on or when we talk within the house and the dog can hear. Or what can be the reason for his sudden weird behavior.

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