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    We have a rescued cat (5 yrs) who pees on soft surfaces. We have gotten her cleared by a vet for health issues so it is behavioral. We have 2 other cats (9 yrs). One cat goes goes up and downstairs. We thought maybe she was bullying Penny, causing her pee problem. We installed gate to keep them apart for most of the day. To complicate matters, we fostered a stray cat inside who shared the second floor with Penny. Penny was the only cat the stray would get along with. Peeing stopped at the time we got the gate and began fostering the stray. Now the stray is gone and Squeaky is traversing both floors. Peeing has started again. We have started confining Squeaky again but are curious if the experts think maybe Penny misses having the stray or if it is that Squeaky is just back to her bullying ways. Any insight is appreciated!

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