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    Does anyone know of a dog food that doesn’t cause tear stains?

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    Hi Rowdy.
    What a cute baby!
    Tear stains are caused by a few different issues: clogged tear ducts, shallow eye sockets, allergies, and yeast infections to name a few. If your vet has determined that your dog’s tear stains are NOT caused by tear duct or eye socket problems, you might want to try changing your dog’s food.
    I’ve learned the hard way that cheaper dog foods have a lot of ingredients that irritate food allergies or that feed yeast infections. I have 2 dogs who each have different food sensitivities and I’ve been battling those issues for a while. I have found success with VeRUS dog food. I currently feed their Opticoat formula which has reduced the itching and the yeasty symptoms in my dogs. VeRUS also has a lamb-based food that will not irritate the food allergy issues commonly found in allergic dogs. You can try VeRUS by going to their website and filling out the contact form. A live person will contact you via email, ask you some questions, and send you several nice-sized packages of samples.
    Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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