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    This is day 4 with a 18 month old female cur mix, and we have changed her diet from what ever she was being fed at the pound,to Nutro lamb and rice for adult dogs. The first day she had two bowel movments outside. On the second day she had a LARGE wet bowel movement in the house and then again the next morning again in the house. Since then she has peed but not deficated, I have her in a fenced back yard and am spending the day walking with her and playing and still nothing. The question is should I concider the change in diet the cause for her accidents on day two and now for her inability? Or is this just behavior I will have to work through?



    A couple of questions:
    Did you switch right over to Nutro or did you ease her into it?
    Is she eating and drinking readily?
    If she isn’t eating/drinking there may be an underlying problem. You might want to contact a vet to be sure she didn’t bring home a bug of some sort.
    If everything else is okay (eating/drinking) it may just be the shock to her system at the eating the new food.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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