Please help, what breed might these puppies be?

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    I am new to forums in general, but I wanted to give this a try so thank you in advance. 🙂
    I am a foster mom for a local rescue and two puppies came into my care last week very sick and malnourished. I have been nursing them back to health and I am happy to say they are doing very well. Still a bit thin, but gaining and happy.
    My reason for the discussion is to ask if you have a guess of what breed these pups might be? We were told that they are Bullmastiffs. We were also told that they are 5 weeks old. (teeth have broken through so they are at least 4).
    I really appreciate any and all suggestions. I have looked through many photos online for potential breeds. I have also considered a DNA test.
    *it was difficult to take pictures of these pups, they just wanted to play 🙂
    The darker pup is a female and has green/dark eyes.
    The more solid pup is a male with a white patch on his chest. I realize they could be a mix.
    Thank you,

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