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    tricks. 0-3 loss to Udinese, Inter was aiming to red crown poured cold water. Facts have proved that only the introduction of a Rocky is not enough, ‘Football Market’ disclosure, Inter want to spend 30 million euros in the summer to introduce the Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko. See more Sohu Sports News Inter Milan in Serie A in the summer of 2012 to sign Palacio, Cassano, and Milito make up the most Serie A sharp trident, but the three forwards are over 30, physically difficult to cope with intensive schedule. The road to face Udinese, Milito injured, the lack of offensive fulcrum Inter rely Cassano, Palacio frontcourt attack. Inter Milan returned from Stadio Friuli after Moratti and Branca, Oc Rio conducted a dialogue, Inter head then accept the ‘Sky Sports’ interview, said: ‘Our ultimate team are good enough, and the other ball ultimate team, we will not have a significant investment in January. ‘Moratti denied that the ultimate team will be generous in the winter,’ Football Market ‘disclosure, Inter have sights on the summer transfer market, but Rocchi to Inter day laborers, the real goal Nerazzurri Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko. The difficulty of defending a large Manchester City this season, the Blue Moon will be rebuilt in the summer, Balotelli, Dzeko could leave. Inter Sneijder had previously considered using as a bargaining chip exchange Dzeko, but ‘football market,’ said Manchester City hope to get cash, they Dzeko’s price is 30 million euros, Manchester City ready replacement Dzeko Dortmund striker Lewandowski will join in the summer. 30 million, and now it can be said for the Serie A ultimate team is astronomical, to know Serie A nearly decade there have been 30 million euros signings generous. Milan, Juventus and dominant in the past are all very interested, were eventually abandoned because the fee is too high. ‘The market’ that, if you want to raise Inter Dzeko’s transfer fee, you must first be washed several FIFA 16 FIFA 16 players advance, in addition to Sneijder, Coutinho, Alvarez could leave the Nerazzurri, the three FIFA 16 FIFA 16 players are worth over 10 million euros, enough to Inter in exchange for a dominant. ‘Football Market’ to join Inter Milan Dzeko also mentioned an important premise that Inter have to get the Champions League next season to qualify. After the 0-3 defeat to Udinese, Inter’s ranking has dropped to fourth place, despite ranking third in Naples, and only two points behind, but with Inter Milan with the same score of Florence, and a difference of three points in Rome, are the league three strong competitors. Moratti when it comes to the ultimate team half results, said: ‘This season we can achieve such a result has been very easy, and we compete in the first three ultimate teams will drop points, we need to do is focus on yourself, do not care about other people’s performance, we still have to enter the Champions League hopes. ‘(Sohu Sports Diya Mo)

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