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    I am originally from Australia and want to move back to Australia. My baby cats are 15 years young (16 next year) and in pretty good health, although a little thinner than I would like. I am agonizing about whether to take them with me to Australia or leave them with someone else. I want them with me as I feel I take care of them better than anyone, but it would mean a flight to Los Angeles (in cabin), then overnight in LA, then flying in cargo from LA to Melbourne, then a 10 day stay in quarantine where I am not allowed to visit them. My vet feels that they should be able to cope – but cat advocates say no – don’t take them. Alternatively I could leave them with my room-mate here – but she’s hardly ever home and I am home a lot so they would go from lots of company to very little – and having me gone. What do you think they’d want if they had a choice. The stress of 11 days of travel and quarantine, and living with me in a new home, or being on their own a lot in their old home with me visiting them for half the time perhaps. The problem with the alternative is I may not have my roommate longer than a year – then the trip would be even harder on them if they’re older – and it’s not likely anyone would adopt them at an older age. I don’t want to be without them – but what’s best for them? Thank you for your advice. I’m travelling to Melbuorne late Jan – and am running out of time to make my decision to take them. I started the quarantine actions last July but would have to get an import permit and book quarantine asap.

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