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    I have a 11 year old lab/pointer that I rescued as a puppy for my son who was 9 at the time. She was spayed right away and was raised with 2 little dogs and another big dog. All the dogs each slept with my kids inside there whole lives and stayed together outside. My kids are all grown but we still have all 4 dogs at home. About 3 years ago she started to fight with the other big dog inside all the time and we had to separate them at bed time and then they started fighting outside. She seemed to be the only one not getting along so she had to be separated from the others. MY wife and i couldn’t stand the empty nest so we started doing foster care and fell in love with three children and are adopting them, but we are having a problem with her trying to bite the kids when they come in the living room if she is in there. We don’t know what to do she was never a violent dog growing up, does anybody got any advice?

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