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    Phoenix Ticker Nov. 27 news, Beijing November 26 evening, Premier League 2011-2012 season, the first 13 scale war. The focus in a battle, Stamford Bridge against Chelsea sits Wolves, after 90 minutes of fighting, the final Chelsea 3-0 victory over Wolves end losing streak. All three goals from the first half, opening seven minutes as the Blues Terry head start, 29 minutes, Sturridge extending the lead, Mata before halftime to help Chelsea to seal the victory. Total league ultimate teams clash 98 times Chelsea 35 wins and 26 flat 37 negative slightly underdogs. Boas led Chelsea has created the worst start since Abramovich took over, and the worst defensive record, nearly seven FIFA 16 games in all competitions one win, two draws and four losses, two straight at home. Over the past six league, the Wolves had only achieved a victory in the recent nine league, the Wolves kept the embarrassing record of every FIFA 16 game clean sheet. The opening six minutes, Chelsea get the opportunity before the FIFA 16 games, Ramirez midfield steals fast counter-attack, before the restricted area 23 meters away from the door low shot, the ball was Hennessy denied. The first seven minutes, the Blues at home to break the deadlock, Matta left corner to the front of Terry Road outflank shakes Leipzig, the ball straight into the bottom right corner of the door, 1-0, this is Terry this season in the league 4 goal. The first 10 minutes, Ivanovic pass in the right break, Mata penalty points higher position outflanking hit the door. The first 16 minutes, midfielder Edwards tackles foul was a yellow card warning. The first 29 minutes, Chelsea will be the lead, Ashley – Cole midfield ball, the ball transferred Mata Meireles, who use speed to force a breakthrough to the bottom line in front of the cross, Stewart Ritchie outflank hit the door network, 2-0. This is Situliqi of the season six league goals. The first 32 minutes, the Wolves left corner to the front, sides melee, Edwards close range header wide. The first 34 minutes, Henry was dissatisfied with the referee’s penalty yellow card warning. The first 38 minutes, Wolves substitutions adjustment, Blake replaced Milijas. The first 40 minutes, Stewart Ritchie restricted the right of continuous fake out of the way empty when the volley, the ball was Wolves goalkeeper dual boxing out. The first 41 minutes, Meireles header was obtained within the restricted area goalkeeper. The first 43 minutes, Ashley – Cole 29 meters from the door to long-range wide. The first 45 minutes, Chelsea will rewrite the score 3-0, the bottom line position return Drogba, Ashley – Cole pass under the door unguarded Mata volley nets circumstances, 3-0. End of the FIFA 16 game the first half, Chelsea with Terry, Stuart Ridge and Mata’s goal Wolves temporary 3-0 lead. The second half both ex situ battles, the first 49 minutes, Chelsea field the ball, long spread on <a href="">fifa 16 coins</a> the right, Ivanovic assists, pass was denied, Ramirez hit a wonderful long shots, goalkeeper gear out. Ward 53 minutes, Black Zhise, restricted the right of the ball, the first time dipped into the far corner just wide of the goal. The first 59 minutes, Ramirez midfield steals straight plug, Sturridge on the right use of force to get rid of the speed reached the restricted cross in front of the Wolves defender two meters in front of the thrilling rescue. The first 63 minutes, Chelsea backcourt steals, Meireleis straight plug, the ball has run Drogba, left the restricted area low shot, the ball just wide. The first 69 minutes, Chelsea substitutions adjustment, Lampard replaced Meireles. The first 72 minutes, Mata Road-point shot, Sturridge 27 meters from the door to long-range Wolves goalkeeper get. The first 73 minutes, before the restricted area Zhise Mata, Sturridge inside the penalty area out of the way empty when small-angle volley, the ball was Wolves goalkeeper denied, Mata shot again at close range, the ball was again closed out. The first 74 minutes, twice in front of Cech denied by the legs of the opponent’s goal. Then Wolves substitutions adjustment, Crawford replaced Zubarah. The first 75 minutes, Wolves substitutions adjustment, 77 minutes, Mata crosses after Sturridge point unguarded circumstances volley higher. Chelsea then even for two people, Torres replaced Drogba, Ivanovic replaced Bosingwa. The first 79 minutes, Torres just play the first ball in the penalty area small-angle volley was denied the other guard. The first 83 minutes, Wolves substitutions adjustment, Gedi Siniora replaced Fletcher. The first 85 minutes, Torres restricted area lob into the far corner before goalkeeper to be obtained after the lateral breakthrough. The first 89 minutes, Terry delay was due to a yellow card warning. The final end of the FIFA 16 game, Chelsea easily beat Wolves 3-0 end-FIFA 16 game losing streak. Chelsea (4-3-3): Cech 1- / 2- Ivanovic (77’17- Bosingwa), Terry 26-, 4- Louis, 3-Ashley – Cole / 6 – Romeu, 16 Meireles (69’8- Lampard), 7-Ramirez / 10- Mata, 11 Drogba (77’9- Torres), 23 Stu Ridge Wolves (4-4-2): 1 – Hengnei Xi / 23- Zubarah (75’37- Crawford), 14-Roger – Johnson, 16 Bella, 3 Herault Bryant / 4- Edwards, 8 – Karl Henry, 20 Milligan Haas (38’9- Black), 17 Jarvis / 11- Ward / 10- Fletcher (83’34- Gedi Siniora)

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