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    Chelsea squad this summer, ‘Standard King’ 23-year-old German striker Andre – Xu Earle, whose 18 million pounds transfer fee in ultimate team history behind only 17, while the list of grounds on which it is due more to the first few seasons with Chelsea, spending billions of dollars on traditional practices have a certain degree of contrast. And the introduction of high fame star compared to the Blues now seems to be more emphasis on young players to lure them away. 5 Ira Mendy (32.19 million move to Real Madrid) Real Madrid in the summer transfer market frequently, in addition to the recent possible to record worth signing outside Bell, already have introduced this summer, Isco, Iraq doors Di et al., in which the official Iraq Mendy worth 32.19 million euros, is the most soccer professionals had not thought of. In addition to these transactions are already forming in the September 1 before the European transfer market closed, is likely to continue to occur blockbuster deal, there is the familiar Bell, Wayne Rooney, even Cristiano Ronaldo is also among the list, the following column the price is likely to become a major transfer of 5Pen potential transaction. 1 Garis – Bell (£ 100 million move to Real Madrid) in world FIFA football at present the most likely to break the Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008 to create 94 million euros transfer fee, Bell from the Premier League, Tottenham boss has learned that intend to Madrid high-level negotiations with Real Madrid, there are rumors Galacticos £ 100 million fund has been well prepared to win the Bell. 2 Cristiano – Ronaldo (80 million pounds move to Manchester United), although Real Madrid had already promised to give Cristiano Ronaldo Florence Dino world’s best treatment, but still have the British media exposed the former Manchester United likely to spend money to buy. ‘ Dream Theater’s King ‘, then leave Manchester United when the price is 94 million euros, according to media speculation that Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo repurchase price is likely to reach 80 million pounds. 3 Louis – Suarez (£ 55 million move to Arsenal) Arsenal have twice the officially recognized quotation Buying Liverpool Suarez, the second offer is to reach 40 million plus £ 1, but Liverpool executives will buck teeth Su priced at 55 million pounds. The two sides currently in this price is difficult to make the trip, if Suarez really leave the Red Army, the road ahead is still relatively long. 4 Wayne – Wayne Rooney (£ 40 million move to Chelsea) is likely to leave Manchester United this summer, Wayne Rooney, had already had several high-level talks with the club, but the club reply given is either to leave, or go overseas leagues . Chelsea, the England head in order to get this card. In mid-July already offer 20 million pounds, but was rejected Manchester United, the second quote will be at the Memorial Tournament after Ferdinand expected. 5 Cesc – Cesc Fabregas (£ 35 million move to Manchester United) to prevent the possibility of leaving the dream theater Rooney, Manchester United has long been eyeing the Spanish international Cesc Fabregas, but two quotations have failed. Barca coach Martino and small law it has been determined to stay at the Nou Camp this summer. Earlier, Barcelona official even a public statement: Manchester United have given up chasing the small law.

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