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    So,I recently became the lucky owner of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Dylan,whom is abput 8 years old. He was given to me in good faith by a breeder who could no longer keep him. He is a sweet dog,shy but very gentle with people. The problem is with my other dog, an 8 month old border collie mix,Chance. When I introduced them the first thing Dylan did was snarl and show his teeth,even though Chance was wagging his tail and averting his gaze in a relaxed pose. Even though Chance shows no signs of aggression, Dylan will growl at him every time he passes by or even gazes in his direction. Dylan has already bit Chance twice,thankfully not drawing any blood. Even so,Chance has not attempted to show any aggression,he is a well socialized and well trained dog. Dylans previous owner had told me that Dylan was fine with other dogs unless he was attacked,but he has not been attacked at all. I am hoping someone has tips on how to get these two to at least co-exist and co-habitate peacefully.

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