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    Never ever feed your cat from your human foods.
    Some ingredients might be poisonous for your cat.
    The "begging" syndrome might be cute, but with time it really becomes annoying and your cat might also get into the habit of "stealing" food from your table.
    Never fill up the cat bowl with food. They don’t like that. Plus, the leftovers are losing the aroma and the cat stops eating it.
    Ideal is to feed the (indoor) cat portions (snacks), one spoon at the time, 3 times/day. This way her appetite stays healthy and it also keep the weight under control.
    I find sometimes my boyfriend giving "a little bit" of chicken or tuna from his plate, and I do not like that. Mealtime should be mealtime and the cat knows it.
    Now every time my boyfriend is in the kitchen she comes begging. It is so annoying!
    Plus, sometimes the cat vomits, so I let him know that his "treats" are making the cat sick!
    A cat treated with kindness, but used to discipline will respect and love her owner.

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