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    To be honest, I’m not here to really ask a question in particularparticular, I think I need a bit of comfort. I have had my westhighland terrier Holly since I was 8, I’m nearly 23 now. She’s 14 years old. She is not sick or in pain but in the last few weeks she has really slowed down. She’s asleep most of the day, struggles to go on a 5 minute walk and is nearly completely deaf. I’mI’m just so so scared that her time is coming in the next year. I’m terrified of losing my best friend 🙁

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    I can understand, you’ve been blessed with a loving 14 year companionship feeling may be coming too an end. I lost my original first Pug girl Sara Lee after 15 + years, I was devastated.But before my wife & I had too do the right thing and put her down, we agreed we just could not be happy without a new furry Pug friend. So after we grieved a few weeks, we went, and looked at Pug puppies. Found Snuggles Lee, and she consumed us with love. You need to just focus on the new direction you would like, and feel hopeful a new pet will fill your time and loss very well, of course, when your ready. We all are never ready so enjoy
    you time with your best friend, I wish you the very best, reach out too others for the support you will need. Chuck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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