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    our bearded dragon has died i think, were just trying to figure out why, he started acting strange, not moving much, not being able to lift his head, it came on really suddenly last night up until about 7 he was fine and normal, we gave him a warm bath and he perked up a bit, but this morning he was just limp and lifeless, one eye closed one half open, mouth slightly open and far as i can tell, not breathing, my partner seems to think that its happened because she fed him a small amount of red onion in his usual salad, i really dont know, the internet doesnt seem to have a definitive answer based on the symptoms wether its death or brumation, im inclined to thhink death because he still hasnt moved, but his body is still limp and hasnt gone into rigor mortis which is strange, i really dont knw what to do :/

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