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    I am molly, I am new to this site, I just wanted tp post in this section, I resucued a dog, Missy, from a reuscue who got her from a puppy mill, it was about three years ago taht I got her- She was shi tzu/llaphsa aphso( sorry for spelling) she came into my life in a time where it was completley dark, she rally helped me, When I got her she could not walk on her own, she was scared of everyone, I worked hared with her, and in about two weeks she was begging to go outide, there were a few puppy mill habits she never got rid of, and although I had her for only a year and a half, I know she was meant to be my dog, I was told she was 4- she was actually 12, her last vet’s appointment (when we (me and her daddy) decdidied to put her down) she had althritis so bad, the vet had us feel and her joints was hot, her skin was so infected it was balck and she had so many issues, she had ablousltey no teeth except nubs, the dnetal work alone would be 5-800 dollars, and that was jsut an esitmate, it was probably hte hardest thing i have ever had to do, I nedded to let herg go, it was almost like she knew, because, as soon as we decided that’s what we wanted to do, she brethed a sigh of relief, I always call her my "Shaggy brown haired angel" she viisits me every now nad then I can feel her little pwas and body sometiems crawl into bed, and sleep behind my knees, anyways, I jsut wanted to shair my story

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    What a beautiful dog. Thank you for sharing the picture. I am so sorry no one replied until now. You are a great person and sending you care. You did a good job whether you think you did or not.

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