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    I currently just got approval from my landlord that I can bring my toy yorkie who is 4 years old to my new appartment 4 aways away from home. She has lived at my house for 4 years with 4 other dogs. I would be bringing her for a "trial run" to my new appartment where she would be alone for about 20 hours a week. She would not have any one else home with her for 20 hours a week including no animals either. Im not sure how this would affect her so I would only do my "trial run" and test it out to see how she does for 2 weeks. I also thought about signing her up for once a week for 5 hours for puppy day care so she would have other dogs to play with for a little. If bringing her here didnt work i would bring her back to my parents right away. But before i go through all this trouble and possibly stress her out i wanted to see if anyone is familar with this breed and could give some assistance on how my dog would react to this certain situation. Thank you

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