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    HELLO. im planing to adop a cat soon but i dont live in USA i live in Europe, a country called Macedonia and here as ive looked for, petshops dont sell high quality food as Wellness or other brands. The only brands ive found here are: ROYAL CANIN,SCIENCE DIET, HAPPY CAT, LEONARDO CAT FOOD,WHISKAS,FUN CAT,PURINA,KITEKAT,BEWI CAT, MATISSE,Natural&Delicious. i know that these brands are not high quality food but as i said i dont live in Usa and only theese brands i mentioned do sell here. My question is: Which of these brands is the best? I want to feed my cat good food for its health and for th odor problems "u are what u eat" HELP.



    It all depends of the cat: age, weight, indoor or outdoor.
    If you plan to keep the cat only inside, ponder that the lack of natural exercise will make the cat fat.
    Then choose the type of food for indoor cats (low calories).
    The most healthy and appetizing food for a cat is fish-based.
    Be careful with food prepared in China.
    Young cats can use mostly dry food, kibbles.
    Older cats need a balance of can(wet) food and kibbles.
    Never feed your cat from your food plate. It creates a bad, "begging" habit which gets really nasty.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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