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    I took my 10 year old dog to the vet. He was given an antibiotic for a skin yeast infection and also a shampoo. He was also given a pain pill and glucosamine chews for hip and spine degeneration. He got a flea shot too. Within a couple days he started walking better but then each day he started to lose his appetite and drink less. He was more tired than usual. I called the vet & they said the medicines were upsetting his stomach (why he wouldn’t eat) and sedating him (why he was more tired). The next day he died. Could any of those medicines have caused his death? Vet said he was old (10) and his hip and spine degeneration was bad. Please help me. I’m a mess.



    First of all, please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your dog.
    Your vet is in all probability correct in his assessment. Your dog was old and his condition was deteriorating so it is extremely unlikely that any of the meds he took over the last few days were the cause of his death.
    It is much more likely that his death was a natural occurrence and the fact that it happened on the heels of these things is coincidental.
    Do not beat yourself up over this. No one did anything wrong and there is nothing you could have done to prevent his death.
    I assume you have had this dog for his entire life or nearly so.
    You seem very upset and you have a right to be, this is very upsetting.
    Please give yourself some time to grieve, and it’s perfectly all right to cry. A good cry is often cathartic (or at least in my opinion).
    But after your period of mourning, pick yourself up and get back into life.
    Life is for the living and in this case, that’s you, so give yourself a ‘time-out’ and then re-enter the world.
    It will be hard at first, I know, and you will feel a little guilty about having fun again but please don’t.
    This is what you would want for your dog if your places were reversed and this is what your dog would want for you.
    Good luck, hope you are feeling better soon.



    I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss…it’s hard enough to lose a beloved pet, but then, not to even know why. How awful. Please find solace knowing that you were clearly a concerned pet parent and did all you could to help your dog…I’m sure he loved you very much and was so lucky to have you.



    thank you.I loved him so much.



    You’re welcome…let me know if you want anyone to listen to you. It’s hard.

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