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    We’ve had our guinea pig one week today. We were slowly socializing him with our family members by placing our hand in and petting him and hand feeding him his fresh foods. the later half of day two we began holding him for short periods at a time and by day 4 be started making a "pig pen" with of our legs and encouraging him to exercise. we had a toddler stool and a PVC elbow in the circle for him to hide and wood chew blocks. At first he was doing great! Then we had company over and now he is very jumpy if we try to reach in to pet him and when we take him out he cries out like he’s frightened. We already love him and need to know what the best next step is in making him comfortable and part of our family.



    Obviously something happened with the company that either you are unaware of or that was insignificant to you but monumental to the pig.
    Start from Square One and treat him as you did the first day he moved into your home.
    Leave him be if he isn’t interested in interaction and try to keep the noise level down.
    Eventually he will come around, but it has to be on his terms.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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