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    drinks excess water at my daughters house, but when she comes home, she is fine, does not drink much water, but some unusual habits, pulls when walking her, never did this before, she is 9 years old. sleeps alot



    Excess drinking of water can be a sign of diabetes, I would have your dogs blood sugar level checked to be on the safe side. Left untreated, diabetes will lead to blindness and eventually death. If diabetes is not the cause ask your vet what other causes could there be.
    As far as leash pulling. I recommend using a standard harness that has an O ring at the dog’s chest area that connects the three straps. The harness has a place at the top to attach the leash, but to control your dogs pulling, attach it to the O ring instead. When your dog pulls, it will be automatically turned back around and eventually give up on pulling. They make special harness for pulling. I find they cost more and are not as effective as using the old style harness.
    Good Luck!



    Could it be a bladder infection possibly? I think this might be a symptom. Is your dog also peeing excessively?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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