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    Is it normal for the female to have a spot of brownish colored discharge (very small amount) after breeding. My male had literally just got off of her and she had a spck of this on her and it concerned me. It was his second go at her. If you know what I mean. Also I wanted to know how many times I am supposed to allow him to mate with her over the next (how long)? Needless to say this is my first time. And yes they are both registered CFA Show Quality Persians, not strays. And the kittens have homes already selected by people who wouldn’t consider adopting a cat that wasn’t a purebred so there’s no reason for all the comments about all the poor stray kittens that could be adopted that I am causing to suffer because these people wouldn’t have adopted them anyway. They know what kind of cat they want and it is a Persian. So please don’t waste mine or your time with ugly comments. I truly feel for those animals but I am not doing anything to make them suffer, just need my questions answered. That’s like saying we xhouldn’t have kids of our own because there are so many unfortunate ones out there who may not make it abd we should adopt them. Well as good as that sounds, the truth is those of you who write the iggnorant comments probably have CHILDREN OF YOUR OWN. So don’t be a hippocrit, and just answer my questions or move on. Thanks!



    Since your goal is a litter just let them go at it until they pass out from exhaustion.
    Don’t worry about a bit of discharge from your cat’s vagina after sex.
    You should be fine and expecting a litter by now so good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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