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    I have a dark brown gelding horse who is about 11 years old. For the last three years his mane had refused to grow past an inch and what does grow it never grows evenly and it brakes off. This is a year-round problem.
    His tail is thick and long and his coat seems to be fine. Every winter it grows in thick and long.
    The other problem I have with him is that every spring and summer he gets these small puss sores all on his shoulders and neck, but no where else.
    The sores and everything don’t seem to bother him except he itches really bad and rubs on the trees.
    I’ve tried everything from changing his feed to giving him an annal allergy shot and nothing changes it. All I am left with is doctoring the sores after they appear. I would love understand what is causing them and make them stop, also to have his mane grow like it should.

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