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    We have a bunny approx 3.5 yrs old. She had been having breathing problems resulting in mouth breathing and not eating(due to wanting to breath) After going to several vets who diagnosed it as a respiratory problem with antibiotics etc which didn’t seem to help or even address the symptoms we noted. This went on for over a week. We finally found a competent vet to look at our bunny got an xray and found a blockage, had the vet go in and it turned out to be a hairball a long one that the vet believes was stuck one of her back teeth . She had surgery.. (expensive as all get out) had it removed and was doing fine. Today, three days after surgery she has developed another one. We had trimmed down all her fur as a preventative measure to stop her from swallowing long hairs.. but somehow she got another and is now she is starting up with the same problem.. trying to cough it up, but like the last one, she just coughs it up and then swallows it again and it just gets stuck there. We want to help this bunny, but this year has been pretty harsh on our finances and we are already into this bunny for almost $1,000. in just the last week and a half. Her breathing is only slightly labored at this point but we know where this is headed. It is so sad because this is my GF’s rabbit and she just recently lost her dog of 12 years ( a very expensive illness where they never found out what was wrong with her). Has anyone run into this problem and knows of another way to help this rabbit rid itself of this fur ball stuck between her back molars and her Epiglottis? This is killing me watch my GF suffer, and watching the rabbit go through what should be an easy fix. but we are out of $$ to pay for another vet surgery.
    Also if anyone has witnessed this before.. is there some other issue that is causing this to reoccur. My GF also has this rabbits brother, and there have been no issues like this with him what so ever.

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