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    I have had my guinea pig for 5 days and she just won’t get used to me. I only handled her once before today and I try giving her treats and she is terrified when I stick my hand in the cage. She just stares at me and won’t move. I have waited 5 minutes and nothing. I talk to her all the time and when I get close to the cage to talk to her she runs to her corner and just stares at me. Is there any way I can gain her trust faster then just leaving her alone for a week or 2? Or should I just take it as slow as she wants to take it?



    I know how exciting it is to get a new pet and how disappointing it is when that pet doesn’t take to you right away, but you really can’t rush this.
    Keep talking to your guinea pig but don’t force contact with her.
    Only touch her when you absolutely, positively must. The rest of the time, talk to her in a nice, calm, even voice.
    Keep at it and of course keep the food and water coming. Eventually she will associate you with the food and water and that will be a positive step toward her getting to trust you.
    Let her decide when she is ready to advance your relationship.
    I know how eager you must be to have a loving relationship with her and that’s tremendous, but it has to come on the pet’s terms, not ours.
    Take it slow and easy and you will find that she will come to you when she is ready.
    Giving her little treats is a great way to get her going in the right direction. Hold it for awhile before you give it to her so that it has your smell on it.
    You want her to associate your presence with good things and getting a treat is a good thing.
    Bear in mind that guinea pigs have different personalities, as we do. Some are ‘snugglebunnies’ and some do not like to be handled so just keep in the back of your mind that your pig may be in the second category.
    If that is the case, remember that it’s her, not you, and just accept her for who she is.
    But if you are patient and kind and calm and provide for her, I think you will win her over.
    Good luck, I’m confident this will work out.



    I just feel like I do nothing right.. I read that you should take them out and hold them for about a half hour a day so I have been doing that and she still isn’t that comfortable with it but today while I had her wrapped up in a shirt on my chest she ate a piece of hay I sat there for her and she started sniffing my hand while I was brushing her. I feel like she is starting to get a little used to it and I know it takes time I just want to be sure to do it right so that she won’t be a scared little piggy her whole life. When I put her back she instantly starts popcorning around and she does it all the time so I assume she is happy.. Just not ready to trust me yet. She still won’t eat from my hand but hopefully that will come soon!



    When I brush her she weeks very very quietly. I can barely hear it and she nudged my hand with her nose so I stopped. Does that noise mean she doesn’t like it or just scared? Sorry to ask questions but I am clueless on guinea pigs other then what I have researched on the internet. I just saw her in the store and she was so little and cute I couldn’t resist getting her.



    Wheeking is actually a sign that she is anticipating something with happiness so in fact your pig wants to be brushed and is enjoying it.
    She probably nudged you in an effort to encourage you to keep at it.
    You might also hear this sound when she realizes food is coming.
    She is sniffing because this is her way of exploring. Let her sniff.
    Teeth chattering or hissing are sounds that a pissed off guinea pig makes so if you hear those, she is angry or upset.
    The popcorning is obviously a good sign so things are progressing.
    Hang in there and stay the course. If she enjoys being brushed then perhaps being cuddled isn’t far away.
    A shrieking sound means she is scared.
    A whining or moaning means she is annoyed.



    Thank you so much for helping. I decided to not take her out for a few days and see if that helps and she is getting better because she doesn’t always run when I sit up or something. She popcorns all the time, running around the cage as fast as she can so I know she is happy in her cage. And when I talk to her she gets going faster.I appreciate you helping me out. I am clueless about guinea pigs and all I care about is getting her comfortable and hoping she is playfull when she grows up. I found out the stores get them when they are 6-8 weeks old and I have had her a little more than 2 so she is still a young little piggy. Your advice is helping a lot already so again thank you.



    I was brushing her this morning and she sniffed the brush and started weeking as loud as I have ever heard her. It was so cute. Then she nibbled on the brush. She kept crawling up by my face and sniffing it and started licking my hand. I assume these are all good signs that she is starting to get used to me. I got her to eat a carrot that I was sticking through the bars but she still won’t take it if my hand is in the cage. She still runs for cover in her cage every time I get up but it makes me happy that she is now doing more then freezing when I take her out!



    It sounds as though things are going in the right direction.
    Perhaps before long you will be cuddling!

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