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    My kitten is about 5 (maybe 6) months old & i’m having the hardest time trying to figure out how she would be described. I’m not sure if she would be classified as a diluted torbie (tortie/tabby mix) with white, as a calico, a diluted tabby or a plain dilute tortie with white. She is almost all grey except for a few flicks of cream/orange throughout her coat. they are not patches except for a spot on one of her legs, the front of one ear and the back of the other ear. On the leg that does have a patch of orange there are tabby strip markings and her tail looks like it is slightly ringed. Her chest, stomach and her paws are all white. She also has copper/orange colored eyes.
    Below is a link to a few pictures of her:
    the last image was when i first got her so she is a little smaller there and her eyes are no longer blue. I have also noticed that her face/head shape is slightly different than that of my domestic short-haired male tabby

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